A little About Me

Ashley Roberts, a Former Private Nanny. Born November 6th, 1985, in Riverside California. Moved to Washington State when she was just 2 years old. Growing up in Spokane, Washington. Attending High school at East Valley High. However, Ashley dropped out of school at the age of 17.

She’s always been a free spirit and allowed life to blow her all around. She enjoys the chaos and the rapid changes. But, when Ashley met her current husband at the age of 22. They fell in love and got married. Life slowed down a bit.

Ashley was 26 and it was the year 2012. Since getting married, Ashley and her husband (Ryan) have had one child. A little girl, her name is Gracie. She was born 9-9-16. It took almost one full year for Ashley and Ryan to conceive their daughter, Gracie. Now that Ashley has been a mother, raising Gracie for the past 1.5 years.

Ashley has come to terms that she wants to give more. She wants to bring more to other Moms in a sense of community. Ashley has a lot of time being a Full-time stay at home mom. To sit and think, ponder, and allow her mind to wonder with dreams, hopes and aspirations to become more. Even in between all the chaos that comes with raising a toddler for the first time. Not that the second is any easier. But, the road is maybe paved a bit? Ashley decided to start writing and create a Podcast. She wants and hopes to connect with moms all over the world. To bring a sense of closeness with all variations of mom styles and personalities. She hopes to end the normality by treating motherhood so casually or catty. Motherhood should be treated together. Because I truly believe there is power in numbers. Stop the diverse clicks and come together AS MOMS.  Ashley hopes to bring a safe place for ALL moms to come and talk about an array of topics. Here and of course hopes they will come and join the fun on the Podcast. To feel comfortable and be given no judgment. She hopes to allow mothers to come here and feel as if, they are apart of a real but humble and genuine community. A “Motherhood Community.” I know that there is community everywhere for moms. They are started on a daily basis to create community and a sense of group love.

Stick around and maybe you’ll find what your searching for?

Ashley does not have college degrees or educational background in any type of writing or skills along these lines at all. However she is a fan of writing poetry. She comes to write with an open heart, mind, and soul. To share things that touch her heart, make her laugh, cry and things that can help or inform other moms about random things. But, also your every day encounters.


Hi, I hope we can become friends!

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