I was really surprised when…


Can you believe…

About six years ago I was fortunate enough to meet a few people that had a great impact and influence on my life. Sadly they are no longer in our lives but, not on bad terms. Just terms that business relationships grew apart. They are and will always be incredible people that made a difference in my life. Isn’t it neat how we can come in contact with individuals in life yet they will only serve a short-term purpose? I have always found it fascinating how destiny just happens.
Anyhow, during the time they were coaching us thru our business and giving us tools to grow personally as well as being a business owner.


Over the time frame of the first year, I was working with them, I had read 8 books. Eight! I hadn’t picked up a book and read the entire thing before that for years. Truth. Something inside me felt like I was doing it for a purpose. Which made me feel more inclined to read and learn what I was being directed to do.

Twenty-Seven years old, married for almost one year at this point and handed a book. A book I literally had never laid eyes on, been informed about nor had I ever heard of what they were talking about.

Gary Chapman an author which I will never forget because even tho I had read eight books prior to this one. This particular book I knew was going to be good for me. There are a few things that I personally struggle with giving. Probably with how I was raised or who I spent my time with. It could even simply be the information I was taught along my time growing up.

The Five Love Languages. This book is something I encourage every single person I meet to read. I believe that this book can later someone’s perspective on understanding how to love someone. If you have not read it, the link is above! I encourage you to do so, as soon as possible. You will not regret it.

llIn the book, they obviously talk about the 5 Love Languages and I do not want to spoil it for you. So this is what I want to do, I want to list out the five different languages that Gary lists here in his book.

  • Gifts
  • Quality Time
  • Words of Affirmation
  • Acts of Service
  • Physical Touch

Now, I only want to list the topics because I would love for you to first write down what you think these mean to you. What you think your love language is and what you think your spouse or partners are. Before you do anything else and go research stuff or read more. Do that first!

So, when I initially learned about this amazing way to love people and make them feel good. I was compelled to share it with anyone I could. If you were having any type of relationship issue, I would always suggest this book. Now I know it sounds weird and crazy to some people to have a “love tank.” But I assure you it is a real thing and when it is full it feels really good.

When I asked my family members and a lot of people I just generally associate with, they had no clue what I was talking about. Which I was not totally surprised since I had not very long ago either. So, I shared! I loaned my book or I would simply inform on where to go or what to look up. I truly believe in all my being that love languages are vital to a healthy and sustainable relationship.

Click here to take a fun little Quiz for your Love Language type!

If that be a best friend, a child, a pet or your husband and wife. Every living thing has a way it wants to be loved. A way that fills their heart and makes them feel loved. For example, I will use myself because that is the best testimony someone can have, right?

My whole life I basically grew up with no father figure. So for any type of healthy example to be given on how to love a man or a man to love a woman was not really exampled to me. My parents are great people so please don’t misunderstand. But, how could I possibly learn to compliment a man and know that they need affirmations just like women might if I was never shown the example?

Long story short, when I met my husband he is a man of affirmations. I had no idea how to give that to a man nor did I even know what Love languages were then. My Language is Acts of Service. So when someone does not know how to give the proper love to the other person, they tend to give the love they seek. (RE READ THAT last sentence) Which in the end is pretty disserving if the receiver is affirmations. Make sense? You will get tired of putting energy into a bucket with a hole. Trust me.

I mean it is nice for me to do things for my husband but, he would rather me compliment him on how proud I am of him. Instead of wash his car. Ha! When in my world, I want my car washed! HAHA! Who knew this stuff was real?! But it is. You should really give attention because I am telling you the reward is worth the effort. I think a great addition for ANY bookshelf. They also have a Children’s Love language book that I also Highly encourage you to take a peek at if you have children.

Anyways, I hope you were able to learn something here today or perhaps enjoy a fun little quiz and say you learned something about yourself. 

Keep in mind that sharing is caring! Hugs!

If we want Peace, We need more…



Did you know that every single day there is a National Holiday? Did you know that a lot of those holidays are really awesome and give a reason to have a daily celebration! It is like living the life of a Troll! Ha!
Did you notice that a ton of people across the world are asking, begging and pleading for more peace in the world? I mean, if you are not aware that people actually want that, well then, your head has been in the sand far too long. We are crying out for it! I just think perhaps our tactics and skills may be a little teetered. I mean, no one can expect anyone to know how too ask for peace properly, yeah?

I mean this is a really great example of Peace, right? Because this is what we continue day in and day out. (Sarcasm)


How are we ever suppose to create peace with judgment? Simple. You do not. With the finger-pointing in this day in age we are so shielded from seeing anything other than finger pointing.
Democrat or Republican. Black or White. Christian or Buddhist. Honest or a Liar. Broken or Healed. Rich or Poor. Young or Old.
The judgment needs to end in order for there ever to even be a chance, a shot in hell to accomplish peace. Will there still be war? Yeah, probably because, that is above the generalized population. Collectively the part of the world who is most impactful is us and by the way, there is a lot more of us down here in the real world. Peace can be created as simple as a flower opening for the first time.
Peace is inside all of us and if we took the time to properly manifest that and inspire others to do the same. I believe, Peace could be created. With peace comes the celebration of November 13th.


World Kindness.

Which I truly believe can stem from the creation of Peace and of course the longevity of that. However, it takes work and a lot of it to maintain balanced peace to create more kindness. Don’t you think people would be nicer if the world was a bit more peaceful?

Anyhow these were some thoughts that came to my head and since today is the celebration of World Kindness. I wanted to shed some of my personal thoughts and feelings.

Hope you enjoyed or perhaps were simply encouraged to go out and shed some genuine kindness in the world today!

My personal sick Tips for your Toolbox



I live in the Pacific Northwest and it can get pretty cold here during the winter season. But not just that, also we have had a huge increase with more violent flu’s and of course your general viral shit. With the controversial topic about vaccinations and whether or not too could be a playing factor. We will never know, even if we think we do…

No, my advice is not to fix yourself with the flu shot. Even tho I get one every year and sometimes they aren’t successful all the way. Like last year my daughter got Influenza A but she had gotten her flu shot. What in the heavens! Well, just because you get it does not mean you are fully protected. The scientists that create the flu shot do their best and shoot for what they think will be affecting the population. However, this is just what I like to believe and it is up to us if we want to inject ourselves or not. That’s on us.

lojNow what I will tell you is I have only been sick maybe 3 times in almost 10 years. Legit. I have had the flu shot every year for the last 9. My husband who obviously lives in the same house has even had a full on flu or even a complete sinus head cold. I never got sick. I kept Gracie healthy and neither did she. Gracie has been only sick 3-4 times in her almost 2.5 years of life. I think that is pretty good. Now, I know a lot of people think exposing their kids to sickness will build their immune system but I don’t agree with that. It might be true but Gracie has been around her sick dad and others that were sick and she never got it. I like to believe she is just healthy and I think its really weird to not think your kid already has an immune system when they are born. That is nor here or there I just don’t purposely take my girl out and around sick folks. Seems weird to me.
Well, I thought perhaps for those of you who might be walking into your cold season for the year, live somewhere where it is always cold or maybe your just in your season of freeze and sickness right now. Either way, I thought perhaps my habits to stay healthy and NOT sick would be helpful for someone else out there that just wants to feel good as often as possible.

My short List

  1. Wash your hands frequently. This one feels like everyone knows but doesn’t do it often enough. Invest in NICE soap at every sink in your house thru the cold season. As often as you should be washing your hands may get dried out. (Side note tip about the soap, get the stuff with coconut oil or a simple foam pump) Here is my absolute favorite hand soap currently.
  2. Lotion by the sink. I also always carry around a small container of lotion either in my purse or my car. The drying out from washing will appreciate the extra moisturizer. Absolute favorite for chapped hands in the cold season! Worth every penny!
  3. Anti-bacterial wipes and for hands. I know you are probably like, “Whoa women!” But I am telling you, it is a simple thing to keep in your car or in your purse. I even have small ones and a couple of pump style ones in my house around the sink areas. They are a quick way to just sanitize temporarily. Still be sure to wash your hands as soon as you reach a sink. The wipes I keep for all things you can imagine. Hand foot and mouth disease goes around like wildfire with kids and I have seen what that stuff looks like. Also, it looks painful as ever! So just that one small thing I make sure I do my best to wipe down the carts at stores that are shared so frequently. Favorite Hand sanitizer for around the house. I also keep the small purse size from Bath & body works with me.
  4. Hydrate. Yes. Being sure your body is hydrated and replenished with what it needs is so vital to not just your day and feeling good. But it also keeps your health just that much better! Also, ladies, your skin will thank you for it!
  5. Eat healthily. Okay, I get that life is life and we do our best to maintain a good eating habit. However, I can not be more serious then a heart attack when I say this, “Food is the fuel that keeps your engine running smooth.” Just like putting premium gas in a sports car and not regular. Treat your body like a sports car and it will thank you with good health.
  6. Exercise. Being sure we are heart healthy and strong is important on many levels. Being active is good for our endorphins which can lead to releasing good energy. Which I believe mind over matter can lead you to make yourself healthy! Try it!
  7. Vitamins! Okay, so many people will not pay the money for genuine supplements. So many brands are filled with, fillers that it is honestly hard to weed out the crap ones if you aren’t aware of what your reading. This is my suggestion with vitamins, you do not need to agree or go hunt for it. I believe in working with someone personally that sells it. Like a multi-level marketing business of some sort. I know there is a gazillion out there, do your research, find a gal or guy who is informative and educated in what they have to offer. Ask questions and know what you are looking for or how to ask. Because supplements can be a HUGE playing factor in a better lifestyle for a massive amount of people.
  8. Lemon. This is one I do religiously. Warm water with your choice of lemon. I use Young Livings Lemon Vitality essential oil in my water. One drop and it is SO amazing for your inners! Lemon is literally good for so many things in your body and your health. You can simply use a fresh squeeze from a lemon and not worry about spending on the oils. Keep it simple if you like.

I challenge you to try this method every day for 30 days. Come back and tell me about your experience.
-Cup of warm water with an added TBSP of lemon juice or 1-2 drops of YLEO lemon vitality.


Thank you for reading and I hope I could share and shed some light on maybe keeping you a tad healthier this cold season. Do you have any tips or tricks in your household? Comment below.

I started Blogging because…

Alright, being a grown woman behind a computer trying to elaborate with words why I choose to sit behind this screen and write my feelings, thoughts and even simple things I just learn. Yeah, this might a little tough but, completely possible. Which I can always work with possible. So my plan is to just start from the beginning and bring you to my present day, let’s do this.

From a young age until I was about 26 my life was carefree in a sense. I literally had no fears and when I say that I really am not exaggerating. It was almost dangerous how fearless I was. Mostly because I literally would do anything. I lived. I was out in the world, mingling and actually building relationships. My planner stayed pretty full and I had a really great social life. Were all my choices perfect? Absolutely not. In fact, most of the things I did were really stupid. But, that is just what we do when we are young, wild and free, yeah?


Anxiety and worry were two words that literally never occurred in my life then. I would get up early and get home late. My days were always filled and I had things in my life at the time that I thought was the end all be all. When really I was just a girl in her twenties trying to pave my own way. I didn’t have a lot of help with direction or structure to lead me on some sort of career path or even just college. Which honestly I would of never fit in. However, I personally wouldn’t change a thing because I love who I am and also love my paradigm. The way I see things today wouldn’t be possible if I was taught something different. Or at least it would be a lot harder to see my view now if I did.

Basically, every stupid choice or bad turn I took, lead me to be who I am today. Corny I know, but true. I like me.
When I turned 27 I decided I wanted to step away from the nightlife and the crazy nights in general. I really wanted to start experiencing the life of someone who works a day job and sleeps at night. I was a bartender up until I was 27 and so my schedule is what I like to call the “stripper” schedule. Honestly being away from that lifestyle was so absolute for me I refused to stay. Nonetheless, I became a nanny, a complete 360 from what I was doing. Being a private nanny for almost 4 years was so amazing. I learned so much from doing that job and growing incredible amounts of love for two little girls that weren’t even mine. Those girls impacted me in a way they will never know. They were my true push to wanting to try and have my own baby. Stay with me guys, I am getting to why I blog.


So, being a private nanny for that time frame was a rude awakening that I was aging, time basically was slipping thru my fingers and my hands were covered in oil. I had moments of anxiety and remember sitting with the girls and having a moment of clarity that being able to stay home with my kid(s) was non-negotiable. But how do you do that with the obvious responsibilities of being an adult? I did not have the answers but, sometimes you just have to follow your gut.

I got pregnant at 30 years old and I told my husband before trying that I wanted to stay home with the baby. He agreed and that we would make it work. Raising our baby was a priority to me and us. Now being a working mom is something I seriously idolize. I guess I just haven’t drank the juice yet that gives me the power to walk away from her and leave for the day. (I know that isn’t real) But, I will never say that I will be home forever because obviously, my goal is to turn my writing into a career. Heck, even my podcast would be an awesome full-time job!

Anyways, I am going to speed it up a tad to the time when I became pregnant and thru those nine months, I was feeling so many things. Mostly I was feeling love, fear, anxiousness and of course being uncomfortable. Never did I think I would have such issues that I have today AFTER becoming a mom. Honestly, I don’t know if it would have ever happened to me if this occurrence would not have.


When Gracie was 8 months old I took her to a local park and we sat there in the open field. I laid out props and a whole setup to do her photo shoot in the sunshine. When all of a sudden I not only realize we are the ONLY two people at the park but then I look around a bit more to notice we are not. There are three men, three. Each one in different angles of Gracie and I and I continued for about 10 minutes watching them watch us. One leaned against a tree, one leaning near a bench but not sitting , the one that was moving around and on a bicycle. The one on the bike was with his dog and he was riding in the grass where we were. Throwing his frisbee towards us and as that begun I started to pack up my things at a pace that was not going to give attention. I did not act scared even tho I knew what was going on. They were slowing moving in and so I grabbed my phone and called my husband. Stayed on the phone while I moved quicker and got Gracie in the stroller. In the car and we left. Ever since then, since that day, I have never been the same.

My antics are different, my thought process, my imagination and the things I pay attention too now would blow your mind if you are not a person that suffers from anxiety. We see everything that a naked eye probably does not pay attention to. This is definitely nothing I am proud of and I wish it would just go away.
So in a nutshell, because that one thing happened to me. I have become more aware and so aware that over the timeframe of eight months old until today being two now. The amount of shit thrown at us in the media and the crap that happens which is being shared with us. I mean you guys, being raped nowadays is being called sexual assault. Can we just be real raw about this absolutely unexplainable and inhumane act? That it is RAPE. Yes if we all want to be PC about it then we can say, sexual assault. But the truth is, that shit is happening every second. If we don’t take it more serious we become average. Don’t fucking be average. But then again don’t become a ball of anxiety as I have. Don’t worry tho, I am working thru this shit. It is just really, really hard.


Blogging never occurred to be a space for me or even something I thought I could be good at or learn. But, I can. Because I suffer from what I suffer from personally it keeps me in a lot more then I like to admit. I wish I could go out and enjoy nature fully on a hike alone in the woods like I used to. Get some of that mother nature peace that I crave and love so much. The serene early morning quiet all alone. My absolute favorite time was always my quiet time to self reflect.

But you guys, I was literally just at the park 2 hours ago to meet a client and while I was simply waiting for them out in the open my anxiety kicked into high gear. I feared someone would come up from behind me and drag me off into the woods. I literally pictured it in my head. So I leaned up against the rails so that I knew no one could be behind me. Once my clients showed up my anxiety dissipated. When I say it is not controllable I mean it.
Being someone who prefers to be outside but is stuck inside can only do so much to feel like they are apart of the world, apart of what is going on and by golly just feel like they are human.

Blogging allows me to have that connection, it allows me to voice my thoughts and feelings. It allows me to have more control over what my anxiety takes from me. Anxiety steals absolutely everything. It can be paralyzing and indescribable. Which only creates more negative feelings and unless you have some sort of magic inside of you, the fight thru anxiety will not be pretty. But it is possible and like I said, “I can work with possible.”


By doing so I chose to write, I chose to share and speak my mind. Even when its scary and I am doubting myself. Blogging has allowed me to be me. In a world of people trying to always conform you and alter you in a way that is not genuinely you. I can always be 100% genuine when I write. Because when I write, it is my human fingers on the keyboard. I blog simply because I am meant to and all I have been thru has been God’s master plan to take me where I am going.
Today, I say thank you to my Anxiety because, that little thing with big impact showing its presence much too often and quiet frankly is starting to piss me off enough to kick its ass. Is not going to be a problem forever. Why? Because in the end we just have to dig so deep that we discover a place where anxiety cant live with so much love. I’m going to happy dance to that, only because I am confident in the end I will win.

Managing Time as a Mom


You most likely opened this out of curiosity whether this post was the solution to, the never-ending problem of running out of time. First thing I am just going to tell you that you might find some nuggets in my post about how I personally manage or don’t. But the simple answer is, no. You probably will not find all the answers or discover some sort of secret potion recipe I have placed somewhere in this post on how to fix running out of time. However, I have good news! What I am going to share with you is my journey to finding some peace in a few problem areas that I had day in and day out.

Now I want to share one word with you today and that word is multi-tasking. Become so familiar with the activity of dual tasks that you could do it with all limbs in the air and balance on your nose. Point being is to practice the shit out of it. Make it happen. GO! HA! Just kidding.

Multi-tasking is my life. Yeah, I am just going to jump right in and make this as casual as I can. Because honestly, this time-management stuff is not rocket science. Its simple math with activities. I sort of pair up activities like I do when I bag my own groceries. You don’t put a container of creamer with a loaf of bread, it is that simple. So you probably don’t want to do your daily yoga routine while showering with your toddler. Yet, doing squats while blow-drying your hair seems a bit more doable. Make sense? Bag your activities together accordingly.

When Gracie was first born obviously I was clueless on how to time manage literally anything with the consuming amount of time a new little baby human takes. I basically just was winging it every single day. Your instincts kick in for the most part. I managed to take showers every single day when she was even first born. I refused to allow the standard of “No showers” to happen to me. I would place her in the bassinet, roll her into the bathroom and let her nap while I showered. It worked literally 90% of her life. I stuck it out and just made shit happen.

Now one thing I got adjusted to really quick were these few things:

  1. Do not listen to everyone else and their Mom standards of what is okay. Because habits are habits. What you allow is what becomes reality.
  2. Be Intentional. Simple as that.
  3. Routine! I implemented this from day one. Even tho I had zero clues what I was doing.
  4. Stop Over-complicating things. You don’t need books, parents, anyone or thing to tell you how to raise your little one or dictate how things should be done. Do what you KNOW and FEEL is right. ( Just my advice )
  5. Make Lists. Make phone Alerts.

Instincts are Powerful and we underuse them due to a society that has no more self-trust. We depend on resources to tell us how and when to do things. I was listening to a podcast the other day when someone mentioned how they treated raising their kids and what to do with them. In a nut, she said, “Back in the old days when nothing but instinct was your option, that is what we used.” She mentioned some other small things but the one thing I personally resonated with was that simple statement. She was right. We are created to be mothers and nurture. Us moms have serious senses and if we apply ourselves right, we would stop questioning ourselves and choices a lot less. Because if we apply ourselves and our energy on understanding our own individual instincts. I believe a lot less negative feelings basically would exist inside us. Then again, that is just my outlook.

So, I want to touch a little bit on the intentional area. I had to come to understand and create habitually. Which I am still working on but, I am on the playing field which means I am in the game and I am here to win, being intentional. What I do know about making this a priority is that organization is key. You cannot be intentional without a plan and that plan needs to be organized. I believe with success comes consistency and a plan.

So many moms nowadays just wing it or have no routine at all. I mean I get that it is really tough to do but I also know it would make your life a hell of a lot easier if you implemented one. Now I can not tell you how to structure your day only because I don’t know their age, activities, your schedule, anyone else’s schedule or perhaps they are homeschooled. Either way, I am here to share with you the bits and pieces of how I manage my time.

Every single day I am planning for the next day.

Currently, that is how I am operating but I have hopes to soon plan out weeks, then months and so forth as my planner fills. Now I have my basic day to day get ready routine, then I always plan for an outing in the day and I blueprint what my work looks like while my daughter naps and when my husband gets home. So I split up my work thru my day. I would suggest you split up your chores list or even listen to your podcast while you cook. Since we all know its really hard to find an hours free time to do that and everything else in the day. Girl! Bring in those multi-tasking skills! Be intentional about what the hell you are doing, its that simple girl. Write it down or make alerts on your phone. Whatever it takes to be intentional with what needs to get done, do it.


Oh, Mylanta the things other moms have to say to you. Even better the things your parents want to chime in on. I am over here thinking, “No one invited you in on my parenting techniques.” I know you moms either know what I am saying or you are the mama that is the one doing this. Ha! If you are the know it all mom, girl you need to chill. No one handed you the all mighty know it all book for life. So don’t do that, its gross.

If you are not uplifting, encouraging, empowering and basically just offering to boost up another mom. You really need to be put in check because last I checked we were all moms and we were all fighting the same daily battles. Let us come together and stop the bicker on who knows it all. Careful on what advice you are handing out. Hence why all of what I am saying is my personal feelings. I never quoted facts. Ha! If it isn’t real life fact shit, then stop blabbing just to sound like you are smart. Hugs!

Routines are a bitch, just do your best to make sure the kid eats balanced meals, gets a nap depending on age and for the love of god let the kid be creative, make messes and drive you nuts. Soon, they will be out of the house and you might be happy for a short time. But you’ll miss them soon enough.

Back to talk, so yeah. That is my big secret. Which really isn’t a secret, it is simply to stay ahead of the game. Its tiring and can wear your shit down like you have never been worn down before. But if you work and apply yourself in the right areas in life/days and manage your time in a way that will excel you. Well, if you just work the right thing maybe someday you won’t need to worry about time.
Think about it…

Think outside the box

Until next time, stay intentional, multitask when needed like, squats while you blow-dry or podcast listen while you cook. Time management is so crucial as a parent in order to not lose your mind because you can’t keep up. Don’t beat yourself up because this shit is hard and managing time can be tricky. I hope to create a template for time management.

Yeah, maybe I will.
P.s. Don’t forget Siri will remind you things if you ask it to. ( *wink* )


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