You are stronger than your Anxiety


Friends, if you are reading this it is most likely because, you struggle from Anxiety.

What form? I personally am not sure that it matters. Anxiety is a monster and no matter the size of a monster it is still a monster.

Suffering from Anxiety can be numbing and it can literally stop life for some. Debilitating is what word I would use.

Now, in this topic I feel like sharing a personal background story can help you understand why I am sharing these tips and where they come from.

Four years ago you would never see me worry about anything. I was carefree and the world was my oyster.

I definitely did not worry when I left my house to go grocery shopping or enjoy some hiking in the woods by myself.

Three years ago I got pregnant on purpose and not much changed in the carefree department until I was about 6 months along.

Things started to obviously come up in thought and i would ponder on things for the future. That is where I think the heat first started warming the water.

After our daughter was born and we relished in the newborn stage. Roughly around 8-9 months old I was doing a photoshoot for my daughter and long story short, three men honed in on us and it triggered the Anxiety that lived inside of me.

The anxiety we all have but takes something to trigger it on.

That experience and scare did it for me clearly.

After that day I have truly never been the same and my anxiety lives with me every single day. 

Except more recently over the last year, new anxieties will flare up over things I never knew existed. 

Now, what I can tell you is living with anxiety is possible. Managing it is the job.

When you suffer from Anxiety it is crucial to teach yourself to identify the root. What triggers it and why? How can you harness that issue and can you work thru it? Is it something that is so debilitating that you feel like you cant move? Try lifting your foot, just try. See what happens. If you fall, get back up and try again. Crawl if you have to but, do not give up.

Anxiety WILL steal everything from you if you allow it. Just remember you have the control. These are your feelings and you can stop the anxious by possibly using one or all of these tips.

Some may resonate with you and some might be an absolute non negotiable choice. That is completely up to you and I respect that.

But I truly believe and obviously it is merely my opinion and view from experience that you are capable of working thru this. You are stronger than your anxiety.

Sharing My Personal Anxiety Tips


Figuring out what you need to talk about is always helpful but far from necessary.

You do not need a quick explanation to reach out for someone too talk to. All you need to do is communicate that you need to talk.

When you sit down to discuss the issues you are facing, remember you have no reason to hide anything. This is a chance to release and confine in someone. This could be an opportunity to discover a solution. Do not sway away from any urge to reach out and talk with someone.

No matter the size of the Anxiety, you should never sit alone in it.

Being an open book for someone does not come easy to everyone and for that there is always journaling. Which we will get to.

Just know that when you are ready or if your seeking it now, talking to someone is extremely therapeutic and can have massive positive impact. Especially if you are talking to the right person.

Which is also something that is really important to always keep in mind.


WebMD states here that these specific techniques can help alleviate the anxiety. Take a peek if your interested in their article.

Now the basics of breathing is not what I am referencing. Breathing comes in multiple ways and can actually be used for many purposes.

Birth, Sex, Running and even your friendly panic or anxiety attack. Amongst im sure other purposes.

Breathing can be a weapon against Anxiety and the sooner we learn to use it, the quicker we can alleviate the anxiety when it attacks.

Deep breaths that are intentional and calm. Breaths that flow up the nose and fill the chest. Only to suck in the stomach and breath out the mouth to exhale all the tension/anxiety coming from the chest.

I like to imagine my chest being the filter for my breath that is accompanied by anxiety.

To imagine that when you exhale and convince yourself that your anxiety has been filtered every time you take that deep breath.

The more deep and calm breathing you do the more the anxiety is filtered until you feel cleansed to move forward. Keep breathing.

Write / Journal

Writing is not for the faint of hearts but, journaling can be for anyone.

When writing is viewed in my eyes it is seen as a public post. When journaling is thought of, its pictured as a more private experience.

Can that be claimed as a fact? Probably not but, it honestly makes complete sense to me personally.

Now for some people writing is the option they choose when they want to be heard publicly. When you hear about someone journaling or perhaps you are a individual that does journal you think of private thoughts or perhaps a diary.

The journals with the twain wrapped around them or the little girl diaries you would get as a child with the silly keys.

Journaling is a personal experience and just is not intended to be shared. Which is absolutely okay and healthy. If you get it out of your head onto paper, it has a better shot at finding a place of peace.

Now if you have the gumption to write, then you are sure to get feedback.
Not everyone wants that and I actually completely understand. Not everyone has nice things to say and when you are sharing vulnerable feelings, the last thing you want to read or hear is something negative or off setting.

So, know where you want to be. Figure out if your anxiety is something you want to share or not. Public with feedback or private with a word release. Remember that putting thoughts on paper or computer can be a form of therapy.

Ernest Hemingway once said, “Write Hard and clear about what hurts.”


Now, I know this is not a space for everyone and that is completely okay.

But if I did not share this portion, I would not be my genuine self.

When we write I believe we should portray who we are genuinely the best we can thru words.

Praying can come in different practices and can be done literally anywhere.
Taking a moment sometimes to talk to God and to elaborate your feelings can truly be therapeutic.

Not everyone has someone they can turn to when they are low, feeling an attack approach or already present.

If you are open too a practice like this and talking to God but, have not done so yet. I would encourage you to simply just try.
See, naturally when you just get things off your chest and tell someone it feel good. (Most times)

Who better to tell than, God.

If this is not something you practice then perhaps do this.

Go outside, look up and take a gander at the beauty around you when you begin to feel anxious. Breath in the fresh air and realize your reality is what you create.

The beauty around you can be even more magical when, you use it for self-healing. Embracing the sunshine or even the cold winter.

Be grateful. Stay humble and remember that being stronger than your anxiety is hard but, not impossible.

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with your wherever you go.” – Joshua 1:9

Keeping up with the Joneses

If you have not heard the term. I need you to STOP right now and go Google search my title. Read and come back.


Now, here we are sitting or standing where ever you are reading this. Probably self-thinking either you have been that person or you hate those type of people. It is either or.
I personally would be the first to admit that I have absolutely more than a handful of times in my life tried to keep up. Whether that was in the bar buying the rounds, the take-out table at the restaurant with covering the tab or how about buying that super expensive top you bought while you were out with Debbie. I mean the list could go on forever with the things people do to Keep up.

When I actually put that into perspective and think about those two words, keep up. Like, what in the hell are we trying to keep up for and up to whos standard?! I mean we honestly care so much about having a fancy centerpiece all because you went to a neighborhood potluck and they had one?! Okay, that is a weird example but, what’s even weirder is that I bet somewhere that is a true story. Ha!
So, are you one of the people that make a good living or even an average living? Like most of us. But, maybe your friends you socialize with are of much higher pay per say. I mean, how is your credit card looking? Do they even care if whatever your buying is bought? I mean if you are friends, I would not think your stature of income would be the definition of your character or symbolize anything about your friendship. If so, you should tell them to kick rocks. ( Just a POA)

Now like I said before I am no angel to not trying too impress people or simply just keep up with the environment of what is going on and what is being spent etc. Sometimes trying to keep up isn’t even in your control. It seriously just happens.
Here is a great example of that. I was 21 years old and partying downtown on a Saturday night with my friends. I open a bar tab on my credit card because I am a regular there and told them to let my friends add what they would like to the tab thru the night. Mind you there were only 3 of us together that night.
Well, because I knew so many damn people they would just name drop and the bartender would stupidly add their drinks to my tab. We are not talking bud lights and well whiskey. We are talking Patron doubles and Coronas all night long for a good 15 or more people easily. I am only guessing because my bar tab was $525.87. Yeah, I remember the exact number because it was something that will never happen again. So my point is who gives a fuck what anyone thinks! You will go broke and be unhappy as shit if you never make choices based on YOUR outcome. I had to learn this the hard way. This example is far from the last it is just the only one I will share here today because they are not proud moments. ( I am giggling a tad)


So just take my advice for peat’s sake and worry about how you are going to further YOU towards where you want to be. At that moment, in the next week or even in the next year. Make choices and be intentional about them. Be sure they will POSITIVELY impact you now and later. Not just satisfy a moment. Let alone, a moment for someone else.
Now if you are the person that has never given two shits about what anyone thinks or ever tried to do any of the stupid crap you just read. I am air high fiving you RIGHT NOW. Go on with your bad self and keep the confidence high in you and your choices.
As for us, that is a W.I.P (Work in progress) You keep up with your bad self too. Because in the end, we are all badass mama jammas!
Stay cool cucumber.

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