Do you ever ask yourself this?

Lately I’ve been questioning.

Purpose. Life and people.

How long before we find our purpose?

How long until people, stop, hating?

When will life become less cruel?

I ask myself this.

Why do we argue over things out of our control?

Why can’t we come to a center to be more whole?

These are things I ask myself.

It’s okay to feel the way you want.

It’s okay to voice your thoughts.

It’s okay if you want that and not this.

But don’t you try to tell me to shift.

I am who I am as you are who you are.

Can’t we be different?

These are things I ask myself.

Just be humble. Just be kind. Just be giving and leave no one behind.

This is what I’m told.

I live up to standard and I am a good person.

We should always remember to never lessen, any person or anything.

Lift one another because, this is how we can win.

Being right or being wrong is no longer priority.

Fact and truth are what should lead society.

These are things I tell myself.

For now I will only reflect,

The things I want most.

Fairness. Respect and truth at its best.

Stop the hatred and stop the diversity.

Create more love and open ability.

To see other sides and be open minded.

To learn to love others and not just be one sided.

These are things I speak to you.

Spread love. Spread kindness. But be fair and be true.

Thank you

“Little humans are always watching what adults are doing. Not saying.”

I simply was inspired to write this by watching people sway from one another due to different paradigms.

It’s sad. It’s unfortunate. But, it is reality and it’s truth.

Christian, Muslim, Jewish or any other religion out there has created diversity due to lack of respect for another’s beliefs. You have every right to your own beliefs and spiritual practices.

Black, White, Asian, Hispanic and all other races have created diversity by titling ourselves as if we have color coded boxes to live inside.

It’s gross.

What happen to human decency? What happen to love thy neighbor?

I just keep asking myself so many things and wonder why or why nots.

Anyways this poem is how I feel. I always write my poems quickly and deliver them without much thought.

I want to be sure I deliver pure and true feelings. Raw emotion.

I encourage you to compliment someone today and be sure to hug and spread love. It truly is contagious.

Thank you for reading

If we want Peace, We need more…



Did you know that every single day there is a National Holiday? Did you know that a lot of those holidays are really awesome and give a reason to have a daily celebration! It is like living the life of a Troll! Ha!
Did you notice that a ton of people across the world are asking, begging and pleading for more peace in the world? I mean, if you are not aware that people actually want that, well then, your head has been in the sand far too long. We are crying out for it! I just think perhaps our tactics and skills may be a little teetered. I mean, no one can expect anyone to know how too ask for peace properly, yeah?

I mean this is a really great example of Peace, right? Because this is what we continue day in and day out. (Sarcasm)


How are we ever suppose to create peace with judgment? Simple. You do not. With the finger-pointing in this day in age we are so shielded from seeing anything other than finger pointing.
Democrat or Republican. Black or White. Christian or Buddhist. Honest or a Liar. Broken or Healed. Rich or Poor. Young or Old.
The judgment needs to end in order for there ever to even be a chance, a shot in hell to accomplish peace. Will there still be war? Yeah, probably because, that is above the generalized population. Collectively the part of the world who is most impactful is us and by the way, there is a lot more of us down here in the real world. Peace can be created as simple as a flower opening for the first time.
Peace is inside all of us and if we took the time to properly manifest that and inspire others to do the same. I believe, Peace could be created. With peace comes the celebration of November 13th.


World Kindness.

Which I truly believe can stem from the creation of Peace and of course the longevity of that. However, it takes work and a lot of it to maintain balanced peace to create more kindness. Don’t you think people would be nicer if the world was a bit more peaceful?

Anyhow these were some thoughts that came to my head and since today is the celebration of World Kindness. I wanted to shed some of my personal thoughts and feelings.

Hope you enjoyed or perhaps were simply encouraged to go out and shed some genuine kindness in the world today!

If your gonna add too the world, add good.

When I was typing the title to this I cringed a little. Mostly because I actually feel the need to title something to basically encourage kindness in our world. When we all know, that should come naturally and quite frankly it should be easy.


However, I don’t even like saying it but the world is a mean place now. It’s filled with racism which creates negative diversity. It is drowning in bullying, which can lead to multiple things such as adolescent suicide. Even adult suicide. Which leads me to things like depression, anxiety, fear, doubt, failed relationships, cheating, giving up amongst all the other roadblocks it has allowed us to believe. The hatred and the judging in the world have lead us to believe so many things. That is actually, simply as irrelevant as the need for things like fingernails or even a worse example could be having flavored water. Now I know you are probably like, what in the hell type of analogy is that?! Ha! I get it. Maybe it wasn’t the wittiest of analogies. But, I am sure you got my drift.
The mean and ugly is irrelevant.


Now, currently, the Hot book to read is, “Girl Wash your Face” By Rachel Hollis. She is an impeccable writer. Truth! So I have been reading this book for about a week in my free time I have or the multitasking that will allow me to read and do whatever else I am doing. In the book, she talks about Perspective and the relevance of it. How it can literally alter and change, basically everything. Which REALLY resonated with me. I love the idea of turning a negative into a positive. My husband is always so astounded with my comebacks and solutions. Almost like he wants me to join in sometimes on the grouch but I’m like, nope. Here is a better way to see that situation. I have no idea why its just how I am wired. Sometimes I know it can annoy people but, I like to believe that there are a lot of people that enjoy company like me. Even tho my husband loves spending his time with me I know that my overly positive attitude can sometimes be annoying. That’s okay. Because he knows who he married. ❤ Ha!

book(SIDE NOTE: If you have not read this or purchased it. Do it now. Like now. Come back and finish. You NEED to own this book.)

Back to Perspective! So when I was talking about all the bad the world has and how we easily get sucked into it. Why is it so much easier to be pissed or negative? Why is it so much easier to complain and bicker with people? Why don’t we just converse and let it end positively with different views? Benefit from it! Having perspective from other minds, the point of views and experiences is beautiful. I truly believe that type of interaction is a huge part of life. Sharing! Conversing! Breaking Bread for peat’s sake.
As much as the world is filled with Shit and more Shit. We shouldn’t sit around and Join the Shit wagon! If anything that thing stinks! Run the other way. Run so fast that the breeze from running on your face allows the fresh air to flow thru your senses and wake you the hell up! I mean thinking all the time that the World is filled with bad is like, having a really bad year and just grabbing a tent, pitching it up and hanging out in March forever. I mean, you get my drift right?


Start changing your perspective! You can be aware of the shit going on in the world and not let it run your life. Not let it be the topic of every conversation. Don’t let it stop you or be an excuse to not move forward or get further in whatever the hell you are wanting to do! I am a someone who suffers from Anxiety I know this is not an easy transition. But it is incredibly possible and that is something I can work with. Be intentional with what you want to see. What you want to be.

For example, if you are at the park and you are taking a walk alone enjoying the sights and the beauty of nature. When all of a sudden you step in a pile of dog shit. Yup! Now what? You are probably pissed, grossed out and asking why the fuck the owner didn’t clean this up. Stop complaining. Right now. That is when you remind yourself, dogs shit too. Now go brush your foot off in some of mother natures grass, move on and wash your kicks when you get home. Tomorrows a new day, watch where you are going. Ha!
Do you see tho? See how you can actually alter your perspective? If you want, you can see the good and just because something big or little bad happens or clouds your beautiful view. Does not mean you can’t just brush it off and move on. NOBODY made the rule that you HAVE to complain when things aren’t happening to perfection. So why do we? Why can’t we laugh things off? Why do we get so upset when things don’t go our way? Maybe after working really hard for a position at work or a part in the school play. Don’t blame frustration, because that is something we can manage. Whatever it is, I encourage you to just simply try to change your perspective when some sort of shitty thing happens.
Because like I said, as much as there is bad and ugly in the world. There is actually more undiscovered beauty in the world we haven’t even seen or experienced that exceeds the amount of ugly.

viewI encourage you to seek and find it. Whatever way it comes and share it with the world. We need more good added. Be the good. ❤



Being Honest in a World of People that cry over Spilled milk. I am about to be a Potty Mouth and really Gritty

Bout’ to be Brash


I remember a day when I was a kid and if someone said something mean to you, you said something back. But we didn’t end up wanting to kill ourselves or other people over “hurt feelings.” Not that I am taking away the justification of how our children feel in moments of sadness or ourselves. But back then, we simply would say something smart ass back and end it. Maybe even hit each other a little before the recess supervisor handled it. Because back then they could handle the situation without worrying about the parents getting their panties in a bunch for actually disciplining the kids. Yes, I went there, mostly because it isn’t spoken about enough.

When I was growing up if I back mouthed to my mom you bet your rear I was getting backhanded or punished in some sort of way that would ensure I was not interested in doing it again. My mom didn’t beat me or anything but she wasn’t going to let her CHILDREN run the damn house. I get that now.

Being a kid from the 80’s and 90’s I grew up in an era that was literally so damn different from today. I have no idea why so many people nowadays allow themselves to be so soft. When I was a kid if I got upset about my hair being brushed or whined that it hurt, my mom would hit me upside the head with that brush. Give me something to actually cry about. HaHa But seriously right?!


So Damn Sensitive


Okay, it’s not like I am a total asshole and I don’t consider feelings and stuff. Because I have become quite the softy since I had my daughter. I am speaking in the sense of being so sensitive to literally everything under the sun. You know, the people that get butt hurt when all your doing is telling them that their clothes do not match.

What happened? Did I miss something? Was there some sort of entitlement stick I should have grabbed along my way to today? When did society start being so soft that we have to argue about the difference in the colors of white or yellow? You know those waste of time photos you have to compare. Gosh, those things are so stupid. Creating controversy over colors…

How about this example, when you let someone know they probably should not go out and get totally wasted because you know they are gonna call you the next day, bitching about how they feel. But they get upset when you mention that and they assume you’re calling them a bad parent or irresponsible. I mean in a sense we really don’t need to go out and get shit housed to find some outside fun from the day to day chaos we take in. But I am not gonna call the shots for everyone, just me.

How about when someone is completely capable of working but they claim disability. Is it wrong to call people out on that shit? Well no, if it was 1988 any breathing adult was working their asses off and our economy was booming. But today if you mention that to anyone they are gonna either cry and get hurt feelings or they will get defensive because its the truth and no one wants to look in the mirror anymore.

I know that I am gonna piss a lot of people off with that fact that I am basically stating we need to toughen the hell back up. Pull our panties back up and start facing consequences, dealing with life as if it actually matters, creating, building, and doing things that we used to do. Stop bitching and complaining about things not changing or getting better. Be the change and stop being such a little bitch.


Am I Wrong?


I mean if I am wrong then please shoot me some insight. But I see too many softies nowadays. Couch potatoes. People completely capable of work yet complain about the 300$ in food stamps they get or the Welfare they live off. Perhaps your collecting DISABILITY yet your completely capable of paying taxes and working like an adult should.

Now for all of us Stay at home moms, that’s me. This applies to us too. I know its tough raising kids and being home all the time. I will NEVER downplay the responsibilities it takes to do what we do. But we are not dead. We don’t need to give up and stop trying in life. Our kids can still be THE priority and we as Moms can still carve time out to MAKE something happen.

Why am I saying this? Because I hear it time and time again, even guilty of it myself. How we stay at home moms are losing our minds, wanting to contribute financially, needing out of the house, wanting adult interaction and just finding complaints. Not that we don’t brag about the good stuff but I think you are getting where I going with this.

In the end, my end all be all is that I am so sick of hearing people Bitch and Complain about shit they could change themselves. But for some reason, a lot of people nowadays think that their opinion matters so much (Entitlement) that if the situation doesn’t change after they have shared that, they basically become assholes. Easily put.

Whether it be Politics or Motherhood the arguments never end. Someone always thinking they are right. The mom that thinks Google is the way to give solutions or answers to other people. The individuals who think they know EXACTLY what is gonna happen in the world or what the President is really up to. HaHa. I mean people actually believe they know it all. I have met people who are dead straight in the face telling me a diagnosis for my daughter as if they went thru 8 years of medical school. I’m serious when I say they truly believe they know.


In the End


Of course all of my rambling and how I feel about society and how I think it is embarrassing to be apart of such a Soft society. Feelings are VERY important and being aware of them is even more important.

But feelings normally cant be involved in a lot of decisions that need to be made day in and day out. Feelings should not be involved with anything other that FEELING them.

See for some reason people started to think that if they got sad about something, it would need to be validated and noticed and put up on a pedestal of recognition and given a GOLD award. Yeah, that dramatic. If someone is mad about something they think they automatically deserve a loudspeaker and that everyone needs to follow their lead because their way is the right way.

People actually believe changing the Constitution, we as America were built on will actually make some sort of revelation in a change in the world. Come on…

We have an Entitlement issue. We have a bunch of Spoiled Americans that have had so much handed to them that they now think its the way its suppose to be. We don’t need to work anymore, right? We should all just give to one another and hug and dance in the rain… Good lord. * Shaking my head right now *

Does that sound nice? Yes! Of course, it does! But it’s not real. People need to come down to REALITY and realize that we collectively as citizens need to toughen the hell up and stop bitching about everything.

I just want to be able to look at someone and tell them simply how I feel and them relay to me how they feel then just move on. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Why the hell cant we?! Why do I have to silence myself all the damn time over someone getting hurt feelings over MY OWN PERSONAL views?

If your out trying to change or alter someone’s views. I would understand your reason to tell them to screw off. But why are so many people getting bent out of shape of just the simplest thing as an OPINION or the actual truth? I don’t get, I never will but I am making the shift in myself to stop silencing my voice.


Rant Over 

X O X O 


We are Not here to PROTECT our children from the World. We are here to PREPARE them for it.


Credit: The Imaging World (Google Search)

We all know this world can be an ugly place.That is an inevitable due to humankind. However, we can not allow the ugly to keep us from seeing or experiencing the Beauty that the world has. Although as time goes on, we see the horror happening around us. The violence, the hate, the diversity being created by ALL people. Don’t forget those “people” include children as well. It’s such a disheartening time and thing to see. I don’t know about you, but I sit here and I think about what the next 10, 15, 20 years are going to bring. From technology break through all the way to hearing about more assaults and murders.

We live in a time where things have become Casual. I have tried over and over again to think of a way to help myself understand if even just a little bit. I ended up coming up with that one word. Casual. I mean if you think about it, there is almost zero meaning behind much of anything anymore. Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of good intentions still flowing thru the world. But I truly see so much casual action happening all around me.

Here is a short list of some things I see people treating too casually:

Eating Nutritiously
Showing compassion
Giving Love
Working a Job
Being Alive

I know you’re probably curious what I mean by #7. I mean ENTITLEMENT. There Is way too much of that going on in the world today. I’m not just talking about adults either. The kids are learning from the adults and their entitlement. I truly believe the main source of problems come from inside the home. A lot of people nowadays have zero problems walking around with a stick up there butt as if they rule the world. (Even tho we don’t want to be around those individuals, let’s try and remember they are human also and probably need a dang hug! Or Jesus… Either way.)

I am not sure why our natural instinct as parents is to think we need to PROTECT our children from the world. Yes, we need to Protect them in the sense of Safety. But I just do not believe that it was intended to shelter them from the truth. If my baby girl has a valid yet tough question for me, you bet your bottom I am gonna deliver her the truth in the best way I know how. If I am crying and she wants to know why I will not hide that from her. I refuse to shelter her from understanding feelings and empathy. Because, in the end, isn’t that a piece of what we all wish we saw more of in the world? Understanding and Empathy. The day my daughter asks me big questions, I want her to understand that a lot of times when you ask big questions they come with bigger answers. Which does not make the Questions a bigger “problem” per say. But it could have a much more in-depth and complex explaining. See how we need to be choosy about how we explain things?… Boy, being a parent is tough stuff! At least we all have one another and we can lean in. If that is your husband, mom, sister, your fellow mama friends. Don’t keep yourself from leaning in when it’s needed.

I hope that one day I can look at Gracie as an adult and be proud, knowing her daddy and I raised her and PREPARED her for this mean, and nasty world. But, that she knows flowers can not grow without dirt.


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