You and everyone else…

Have you ever done something in your life when you got no support from people actually present around you?

Perhaps some would pat you on the back or tell you good job, but that is the open and close to the action or compliment if that is how it’s done nowadays?

Is that enough for you?

Should you keep that energy around?

These are valid and necessary questions to ask yourself sometimes.

Especially when you are trying to do something that is totally against the grain. Something that you are building from scratch. It is not just a clock in and clock out kinda lifestyle.

Most times you end up with people that understand nothing about what your doing or why you are doing it. Good thing you are not doing it for them. Because boy oh boy would that pressure be tough or what? Having to please everybody else, including you!

Worrying about how you do things or move your life around to fit people in.

People that are important but currently not more important than your immediate family and goals.

If this can’t be respected, encouraged or understood from the opposing party.

You my friend are in for a bit of a tougher road. Best way too put it.

Sometimes there comes a day when people want to do something for themselves and unfortunately there is no room for extra.

It’s strictly family and work until a goal is met and a break can be given.

For the first time your doing something for yourself.

Go you!

Has this happened to you or happening?

Because I completely know how you feel.

In fact we could not be on more of the same wave link as we are with this.

You see, there are time frames on things in life.

Even life itself.

There are time frames in our teenage years, the mistakes we make and learn from.

Then the decade of our twenties which we end up enduring a lot of experience.

Then when you finish up with the end of your twenties you branch into your thirties.

Here is when you are thinking a lot more about the deeper things in life.

Not saying that this is everyone. But, you have to admit this explanation is pretty average.

Now thinking deeper could be encouraged from settling down for a long period of time with your spouse and creating a family.

Seeing the importance of so much we take for granted.

Understanding how quickly time goes by and the value we throw away by not utilizing the time more wisely.

You and everyone else, is not a qualified recipe.

You are your own ingredients and everyone else is their own formula.

It important to remember when you branch out and start following the path you want and life you deserve. That you simply go after it.

It’s vital to not allow anyone to devalue that or misunderstand the importance of it too you.

Do not rearrange your goals and priorities. This is the first mistake that so many make when they think they can do it all.

Don’t get me wrong, there are probably a lot of you reading this that manage all the things that life throws at you.

Let me ask you something, “How’s that going?”

It’s okay to say no. It’s okay to prioritize and completely cut people out.

It’s your life. Your terms.

Friends if you have people in your circle that don’t understand what your fighting for or what your dealing with in your life.

It’s okay. It’s not their responsibility to know or understand.

It is up to you if you want to share it.

It’s up to you if you want to include those that actually help you thrive and if they do.

Just be sure you keep your environment positive and encouraging for your path.

Because I know to well, it does not take much to break someone that is already feeling broken.

If you are someone that is reading this and dealing with an individual who might not be around much.

Show them love, show them grace, ask them what’s wrong.

Understand that if you know them, you’ll know they aren’t hiding for any reason other than a valid one.

God bless and thanks for reading my thoughts today friends.

Now go out and do that thing, for you.

Wishing for a Magic Wand…

Have you ever just sat back and randomly been thinking about all the piles of things you need to accomplish? Have you ever wished it would happen with a snap of a finger?

Yeah, me too. 

Reality check. If snapping your finger would solve something without the effort behind it, we would never have a bad day of sex again. Ha! Which we know everyone has bad days.

The inside giggle I am experiencing is so worth that comment.

Save 7.jpg

The other day I was hanging with Gracie, my daughter. She was running around with this toy I bought her, seriously you guys I think I purchased it at the dollar store. It lights up looking like a magic wand changing colors.

She runs around with it waving it as if she is solving all her problems. Yelling and rambling to her stuffed animals as if she is saving the world.

I sat back and gazed at the imagination and creativity she was experiencing.

In that very moment I also was thinking about all the things I still needed to get done that day. I’m sure if you are a parent you can relate with the never ending list of to-do’s.

Literally 6 loads of clothes were just done to simply catch up. Went downstairs to realize there are 2 new loads to be washed. Sick household calls for multiple loads of laundry.

So, while sitting there pondering about what is next and what is priority, I began to daydream…


Can you Imagine?

Could you picture if every single person in the world was gifted a magic wand? Perhaps we all would have different abilities and some shared. But, there would only be good done with the wands.

Could you imagine?

As a parent who stays home with the little one I tend to gravitate towards analogies based off that. Being a mom.

Think about this, if you are a parent then you will totally vibe with what I am gonna say.

Getting up in the morning and enjoying the morning; Getting up and relishing in the love and cuddles with the littles ones; Getting up and perhaps making that super delicious breakfast for the family because, you have the extra energy.

How about after breakfast is done, so are the dishes.

What if that little magic wand changed all those poopy diapers? What if you just had the choice to change which ones you wanted?

Could you imagine?

I imagine waking up and actually not rushing. Not needing to feel like I am on a time limit because the list of things to get done are endless and tiring. I imagine having a 5 star restaurant meal for every single time dinner is served for the family.

Could you imagine?

Yes, that will be repeated numerous times because it should be engraved into our brains that it is okay to NOT want to do all the things all the time.

We are human my friends. You and all of us have got to stop beating ourselves up because we don’t get all the things done.

The things can wait as we prioritize the more important tasks. Organize your list and don’t apply pressure for the small things.


I will wave that wand tho

Just because it may not be realistic and exist only merely in fairy tales. I will hold onto the magic that could be possible. Right?!

Because what is life without imagination?  

Well, no life at all if you ask me. Dream the dreams that are so crazy they would be in fairy tales.

Dream dreams that occur in the middle of your day and not just in your sleep.

Dream dreams that will carry you thru your day and allow you to use your imagination on, what that magic wand is capable of.

Then, I want you to put your hands out and realize something important.

Those two hands your holding in front of you. Yes, all those 10 fingers and beautifully made hands.

Those are uniquely made, those are not copies, they are not too old or too young and by golly they are not incapable of magic.

Your two hands are capable of much more than magic. They are capable of creating in reality.

You posses a lot at the fingertips of your hands. You can accomplish more than you think. Even tho the tasks seem endless and tiring. They wont last forever.

The sink will be less full of dishes, the house will be clean more often, less to pick up, there will soon enough only be one bed in the house to make and before you blink, all those tasks will be missed.

The chores of a parent with one or multiple children are endless. But if I were to do one thing before I close it is this, to encourage you to leave here and know that you do posses the ability to get it all done.

However, I assure you the moment spent doing something other than a task. Is a memory made instead of a dirty dish cleaned.

Always weigh out your end result for your invested time.

I’d have to say my time spent giving love and worrying less about the tasks, fill my heart more than my never ending list ever could.

What about you do you tend to make too many demands of yourself?

A Shopping List to keep the Monsters Away and out from under the bed


Google search Image Scared Child

Truth be told I don’t have this issue, YET…

Well, I’m not quite there with Gracie but, she hasn’t quite grasped that concept yet. Or, maybe she has but can’t tell me yet. Thinking about that briefly made me sad for her. Bummer when you can’t talk much yet. (Sorta bonus for mom)

Either way, the time comes for all of us parents when we will have to encounter the ”Monster phase.”

Time to check all the scary spots

So first thing is first we already know when the times comes we must come up with a strategic plan. I mean this stuff has to be believable. Toddlers are hardcore and they question everything. I’m not even kidding you. If your little one is at the age of mine where Monster talk is not a thing yet. Bare with me Mama, we can do this.  For those of you who have already been thru this stage. Whether that be a quick and easy stage or a long and painful one. You are amazing and I hope you chose to share your story here in the comments. We all need more people to relate to. But, for now, I will continue to share with you my thoughts.

I am not sure what type of reaction Gracie will have. If she will even go thru the long, awful stage. Perhaps she will not be bothered by scary things, and move on with life. Yeah I know I am dreaming. Let me be. Haha


Google search image Story telling

The Stories

Okay, we have all heard the stories from different little kids as to where the monster came from or who it is. I mean I haven’t lived under a rock. I have had the conversations and encounters with the Monster talks. I was a Nanny for 5 years. However, I am far from an expert. I just know that over the time frame of Monster Mania I had these thoughts. They explained to me the images. Not only were they Blue or Red and bloody, but they were hairy and gooey with mean eyes and horns! I mean, where did they see this stuff?! I was totally shocked with how vivid they explained things. Then again I was raised with horror flicks and had horrible night terrors. So, perhaps that is their story too?

The List you can’t forget:

Here I am going to share with you the items you must have for monster attacks and to keep them away. ( Share this with you little to ensure they know the remedy is real!)


Amazon Product

1. Flashlight

Now the purpose behind the flashlight is to see what the noises are first. We always want to be sure we can see our surroundings. But also we use the flashlight to blind the Monster if it really did show itself. We are not messing around, we mean business!

2. Monster Spray(Smell goods)/Clean Room

This is a must! Monster HATE to smell pretty, let alone even come near anything that doesn’t smell like poop or garbage. (They are such gross things) I hear if you place a fragrant type of item inside your room it helps keep them far away. Sort of like how spiders don’t like lavender. So always keep your room smelling CLEAN. Monsters hate it!

3. Big Kid Voice

Oh, this one… this one is tough. It can be really hard for many little ones. Which is why we tell them to double up on the flashlight or the extra clean room. But, If they do the two listed above with using their Big kid Voice. The extras won’t be needed! Just do a little of each, find that Big kid voice when you feel scared. Out loud all you do is say this, “You are not real and I am brave” Repeat 10 times, flashlight in hand!

Check list

Google Search Image Check list


1.Check all Dark places

Under Bed
Behind toys
Look under the chair if there is one
Check bathroom if attached

2. Make sure Flashlight is near the bed/inside a drawer next to the bed

Make sure it’s within reach!


Google Search Image Monster Spray

3. Spray down the entire Bedroom with the Monster spray

VERY IMPORTANT part. They hate stuff that smells good. Don’t forget that.

4. Practice one time before bed with you Big Kid Voice.

Its very important to gain the confidence before bed. You will rest easier knowing you did voice warm ups. Perhaps the pre warms ups help keep the Monsters away even better…
I hope you found this helpful! I hope while you read this over with your little one they felt a little comfort and a tad tougher. Be sure to get your list and don’t forget the extra batteries! (Find those at any local store)


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