Traffic Lights and Money Tree

It’s 2018 and yet we still have yet to find a proper way to navigate while we shop. You see, shopping carts are only a mere way to keep your child(ren) in an over-sized basket and basically, so you don’t have to carry your items. Convenient? Yes. So I was shopping with Gracie the other day. That is my daughter for those of you who don’t know. First off why as parents do we always give in to handing the little one something, off the shelf to keep them occupied? I mean don’t get me wrong, its pretty simple for me right now at Gracie’s age. She likes soft things, so I just usually find some cheap throw blanket with a fun pattern. She always falls for it and it usually is only like $3. Win! For now.

I know once she turns 3 and older I am guessing. The demands are gonna get higher and I don’t just mean a bigger toy. I mean higher in cost. Ha Ha! Lord knows we can only do what we can do. I cant buy a dang barbie every day. So whats a Mom to do? Well, I wouldn’t be so upset if I could be gifted a seed to grow a Money Tree. I mean, I will do ALL the work. I will dig the hole, I will plant it gracefully, I will water it every day, and I will keep it happy and healthy. Please? Lord… Please. Ha Ha.

Also, I have noticed that carts come in handy for a short list of reasons. But one thing they are not good for is fitting in the isles they are made to fit in. I mean goodness, I understand space is money. However, the customer is the money. Which entails us to space, am I right? Those carts and I will always have a Love/Hate relationship. Plus, most the time the buckles are busted for Gracie’s seat. Where is the maintenance? Ha. So with that in mind, I firmly believe that in order for there to be any sort of direction or guidance thru the chaos of shopping. It should be the placement of shopping lights. YUP! I said it. Red light, yellow light, Green light… Go!

I mean, can you picture that? Ha Ha. Future shopping? I guess only time will tell.

Until then, I will continue daydreaming about that Money Tree.

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