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Did you know that every single day there is a National Holiday? Did you know that a lot of those holidays are really awesome and give a reason to have a daily celebration! It is like living the life of a Troll! Ha!
Did you notice that a ton of people across the world are asking, begging and pleading for more peace in the world? I mean, if you are not aware that people actually want that, well then, your head has been in the sand far too long. We are crying out for it! I just think perhaps our tactics and skills may be a little teetered. I mean, no one can expect anyone to know how too ask for peace properly, yeah?

I mean this is a really great example of Peace, right? Because this is what we continue day in and day out. (Sarcasm)


How are we ever suppose to create peace with judgment? Simple. You do not. With the finger-pointing in this day in age we are so shielded from seeing anything other than finger pointing.
Democrat or Republican. Black or White. Christian or Buddhist. Honest or a Liar. Broken or Healed. Rich or Poor. Young or Old.
The judgment needs to end in order for there ever to even be a chance, a shot in hell to accomplish peace. Will there still be war? Yeah, probably because, that is above the generalized population. Collectively the part of the world who is most impactful is us and by the way, there is a lot more of us down here in the real world. Peace can be created as simple as a flower opening for the first time.
Peace is inside all of us and if we took the time to properly manifest that and inspire others to do the same. I believe, Peace could be created. With peace comes the celebration of November 13th.


World Kindness.

Which I truly believe can stem from the creation of Peace and of course the longevity of that. However, it takes work and a lot of it to maintain balanced peace to create more kindness. Don’t you think people would be nicer if the world was a bit more peaceful?

Anyhow these were some thoughts that came to my head and since today is the celebration of World Kindness. I wanted to shed some of my personal thoughts and feelings.

Hope you enjoyed or perhaps were simply encouraged to go out and shed some genuine kindness in the world today!

If your gonna add too the world, add good.

When I was typing the title to this I cringed a little. Mostly because I actually feel the need to title something to basically encourage kindness in our world. When we all know, that should come naturally and quite frankly it should be easy.


However, I don’t even like saying it but the world is a mean place now. It’s filled with racism which creates negative diversity. It is drowning in bullying, which can lead to multiple things such as adolescent suicide. Even adult suicide. Which leads me to things like depression, anxiety, fear, doubt, failed relationships, cheating, giving up amongst all the other roadblocks it has allowed us to believe. The hatred and the judging in the world have lead us to believe so many things. That is actually, simply as irrelevant as the need for things like fingernails or even a worse example could be having flavored water. Now I know you are probably like, what in the hell type of analogy is that?! Ha! I get it. Maybe it wasn’t the wittiest of analogies. But, I am sure you got my drift.
The mean and ugly is irrelevant.


Now, currently, the Hot book to read is, “Girl Wash your Face” By Rachel Hollis. She is an impeccable writer. Truth! So I have been reading this book for about a week in my free time I have or the multitasking that will allow me to read and do whatever else I am doing. In the book, she talks about Perspective and the relevance of it. How it can literally alter and change, basically everything. Which REALLY resonated with me. I love the idea of turning a negative into a positive. My husband is always so astounded with my comebacks and solutions. Almost like he wants me to join in sometimes on the grouch but I’m like, nope. Here is a better way to see that situation. I have no idea why its just how I am wired. Sometimes I know it can annoy people but, I like to believe that there are a lot of people that enjoy company like me. Even tho my husband loves spending his time with me I know that my overly positive attitude can sometimes be annoying. That’s okay. Because he knows who he married. ❤ Ha!

book(SIDE NOTE: If you have not read this or purchased it. Do it now. Like now. Come back and finish. You NEED to own this book.)

Back to Perspective! So when I was talking about all the bad the world has and how we easily get sucked into it. Why is it so much easier to be pissed or negative? Why is it so much easier to complain and bicker with people? Why don’t we just converse and let it end positively with different views? Benefit from it! Having perspective from other minds, the point of views and experiences is beautiful. I truly believe that type of interaction is a huge part of life. Sharing! Conversing! Breaking Bread for peat’s sake.
As much as the world is filled with Shit and more Shit. We shouldn’t sit around and Join the Shit wagon! If anything that thing stinks! Run the other way. Run so fast that the breeze from running on your face allows the fresh air to flow thru your senses and wake you the hell up! I mean thinking all the time that the World is filled with bad is like, having a really bad year and just grabbing a tent, pitching it up and hanging out in March forever. I mean, you get my drift right?


Start changing your perspective! You can be aware of the shit going on in the world and not let it run your life. Not let it be the topic of every conversation. Don’t let it stop you or be an excuse to not move forward or get further in whatever the hell you are wanting to do! I am a someone who suffers from Anxiety I know this is not an easy transition. But it is incredibly possible and that is something I can work with. Be intentional with what you want to see. What you want to be.

For example, if you are at the park and you are taking a walk alone enjoying the sights and the beauty of nature. When all of a sudden you step in a pile of dog shit. Yup! Now what? You are probably pissed, grossed out and asking why the fuck the owner didn’t clean this up. Stop complaining. Right now. That is when you remind yourself, dogs shit too. Now go brush your foot off in some of mother natures grass, move on and wash your kicks when you get home. Tomorrows a new day, watch where you are going. Ha!
Do you see tho? See how you can actually alter your perspective? If you want, you can see the good and just because something big or little bad happens or clouds your beautiful view. Does not mean you can’t just brush it off and move on. NOBODY made the rule that you HAVE to complain when things aren’t happening to perfection. So why do we? Why can’t we laugh things off? Why do we get so upset when things don’t go our way? Maybe after working really hard for a position at work or a part in the school play. Don’t blame frustration, because that is something we can manage. Whatever it is, I encourage you to just simply try to change your perspective when some sort of shitty thing happens.
Because like I said, as much as there is bad and ugly in the world. There is actually more undiscovered beauty in the world we haven’t even seen or experienced that exceeds the amount of ugly.

viewI encourage you to seek and find it. Whatever way it comes and share it with the world. We need more good added. Be the good. ❤



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