My personal sick Tips for your Toolbox



I live in the Pacific Northwest and it can get pretty cold here during the winter season. But not just that, also we have had a huge increase with more violent flu’s and of course your general viral shit. With the controversial topic about vaccinations and whether or not too could be a playing factor. We will never know, even if we think we do…

No, my advice is not to fix yourself with the flu shot. Even tho I get one every year and sometimes they aren’t successful all the way. Like last year my daughter got Influenza A but she had gotten her flu shot. What in the heavens! Well, just because you get it does not mean you are fully protected. The scientists that create the flu shot do their best and shoot for what they think will be affecting the population. However, this is just what I like to believe and it is up to us if we want to inject ourselves or not. That’s on us.

lojNow what I will tell you is I have only been sick maybe 3 times in almost 10 years. Legit. I have had the flu shot every year for the last 9. My husband who obviously lives in the same house has even had a full on flu or even a complete sinus head cold. I never got sick. I kept Gracie healthy and neither did she. Gracie has been only sick 3-4 times in her almost 2.5 years of life. I think that is pretty good. Now, I know a lot of people think exposing their kids to sickness will build their immune system but I don’t agree with that. It might be true but Gracie has been around her sick dad and others that were sick and she never got it. I like to believe she is just healthy and I think its really weird to not think your kid already has an immune system when they are born. That is nor here or there I just don’t purposely take my girl out and around sick folks. Seems weird to me.
Well, I thought perhaps for those of you who might be walking into your cold season for the year, live somewhere where it is always cold or maybe your just in your season of freeze and sickness right now. Either way, I thought perhaps my habits to stay healthy and NOT sick would be helpful for someone else out there that just wants to feel good as often as possible.

My short List

  1. Wash your hands frequently. This one feels like everyone knows but doesn’t do it often enough. Invest in NICE soap at every sink in your house thru the cold season. As often as you should be washing your hands may get dried out. (Side note tip about the soap, get the stuff with coconut oil or a simple foam pump) Here is my absolute favorite hand soap currently.
  2. Lotion by the sink. I also always carry around a small container of lotion either in my purse or my car. The drying out from washing will appreciate the extra moisturizer. Absolute favorite for chapped hands in the cold season! Worth every penny!
  3. Anti-bacterial wipes and for hands. I know you are probably like, “Whoa women!” But I am telling you, it is a simple thing to keep in your car or in your purse. I even have small ones and a couple of pump style ones in my house around the sink areas. They are a quick way to just sanitize temporarily. Still be sure to wash your hands as soon as you reach a sink. The wipes I keep for all things you can imagine. Hand foot and mouth disease goes around like wildfire with kids and I have seen what that stuff looks like. Also, it looks painful as ever! So just that one small thing I make sure I do my best to wipe down the carts at stores that are shared so frequently. Favorite Hand sanitizer for around the house. I also keep the small purse size from Bath & body works with me.
  4. Hydrate. Yes. Being sure your body is hydrated and replenished with what it needs is so vital to not just your day and feeling good. But it also keeps your health just that much better! Also, ladies, your skin will thank you for it!
  5. Eat healthily. Okay, I get that life is life and we do our best to maintain a good eating habit. However, I can not be more serious then a heart attack when I say this, “Food is the fuel that keeps your engine running smooth.” Just like putting premium gas in a sports car and not regular. Treat your body like a sports car and it will thank you with good health.
  6. Exercise. Being sure we are heart healthy and strong is important on many levels. Being active is good for our endorphins which can lead to releasing good energy. Which I believe mind over matter can lead you to make yourself healthy! Try it!
  7. Vitamins! Okay, so many people will not pay the money for genuine supplements. So many brands are filled with, fillers that it is honestly hard to weed out the crap ones if you aren’t aware of what your reading. This is my suggestion with vitamins, you do not need to agree or go hunt for it. I believe in working with someone personally that sells it. Like a multi-level marketing business of some sort. I know there is a gazillion out there, do your research, find a gal or guy who is informative and educated in what they have to offer. Ask questions and know what you are looking for or how to ask. Because supplements can be a HUGE playing factor in a better lifestyle for a massive amount of people.
  8. Lemon. This is one I do religiously. Warm water with your choice of lemon. I use Young Livings Lemon Vitality essential oil in my water. One drop and it is SO amazing for your inners! Lemon is literally good for so many things in your body and your health. You can simply use a fresh squeeze from a lemon and not worry about spending on the oils. Keep it simple if you like.

I challenge you to try this method every day for 30 days. Come back and tell me about your experience.
-Cup of warm water with an added TBSP of lemon juice or 1-2 drops of YLEO lemon vitality.


Thank you for reading and I hope I could share and shed some light on maybe keeping you a tad healthier this cold season. Do you have any tips or tricks in your household? Comment below.

Where Do I really belong?


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This really is not a question I am new to asking myself. I remember when I was probably roughly 27 or so, I was at somewhat of a fork in the road. Was I going to continue the night job or move on and transition into a day job? That was big for me because bartending was such a part of me and what I did on a day to day basis. It became apart of my personality, my jokes and the way I had my routine. Everything revolved around being a bartender and what that took. It was not just going to work, clock in and say goodbye. No. See, in the bar scene when you want to work and make that type of money. You gotta hustle. Word of mouth, make friends, go out all the time, and gab to everyone about where you pour and the location of the party. Handing out flyers for events when you had some big thing happening or specials on drinks. I mean the list goes on. Let alone one point in my life I was working the bar for “Country Night.” The owner’s vision was the coyote ugly type stuff, where he would want all the girls to get up on the bar and dance to certain songs. Well, because I was one of the girls behind the bar I had too. It didn’t last long I cant tell you that. Which is probably why I lost shifts? Anyways my point being is that I allowed bartending to become who I was, what I did and how I did everything. Because I thought well, what else will I put my all into. When we know there probably was a list of other options I could have chosen from. But, the money was massive, consistent and I was good. That is one thing I can admit to. I got really good at bottle pouring, being creative with beverages and having that perfect attitude behind the bar that got me the big bucks. We know in the end that is what it’s all about. If you say, “No man, it’s about the party and the friend.” You are so full of shit and I do not believe you. Parties come and Go non stop. Money Flow is what keeps that going. Don’t forget that.

Well here I am

32 years young and as you know I have a magnificent little girl. She is one and half years old and full of spit and vinegar. Including some serious dashes of sass. I was sitting here the other day, or more like months ago. Thinking about what I just told you about the bartending and how I allowed it to consume me and become who I was. Well, I am absolutely guilty of doing it again. I sit here as a mom and a wife, thinking to myself day in and day out that is what I am. Right? I mean I know there are all the things in between, but mostly I am Mom and Wife. At least that is what my brain goes to every single day. Isn’t it crazy what we can adjust to as humans and adapt to what is okay and what is not?

What I am getting at is this, I am a past Bartender. I am also a Wife, a Mom, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend and someone that can offer one more thing. Me. The one title that we forget about in the mix of giving to others. We become those titles, we allow them to guide our choices, our thoughts, and our actions. What happened to not making a choice based on what mom will think, or how your sibling will react. Perhaps the nieces around that look up to their super cool aunt. I get it! I really do, but we are important too. The “Me” should be on the list of who you are. Who I am. You see?

I have recently come to realize

that all of those titles hold extreme value to me, all on different platforms and types of love. The one thing I am working towards is filtering my thoughts and what I like to call washing my brain. It’s so important that the list I place titles, which I carry around. The “Me” title is first. Because in the end, we have got to start giving Self Love. If we don’t have or give ourselves the Love we need, we can not FULLY be happy. Love fuels the soul my friends, it feeds the heart. Just remember that next time you go to do a load of laundry, ask yourself if you are taken care of first. Because that load of laundry is going nowhere. Plus I promise you’ll feel better doing it after you’ve either eaten, drank some sort of fluids, maybe a shower, or perhaps even do your hair and makeup.

I feel happy knowing that I have recognized that I need to start making choices for Me. Not that I won’t still be modest about everything on a normal. But that I find the REAL time to give myself and not feel scared to make choices for me. Not be scared of the consequence because at least I made the choice for ME! I mean honestly, it has been so long I can’t even remember what it feels like to not feel bad about doing something for myself. I mean that in sort of a lackadaisical way. But I guess long story short, as I sit here and sorta giggle. I used to make choices based on what mask or hat I was wearing at that moment. Most times I don’t even need to be wearing whatever mask or hat. I usually am putting more on my plate than I even need to. Only because I care, or want to help in some way. So yeah, I put extras on my plate, but is that so bad? I just need to learn to separate each one properly, ya know? What I do know is this, I know that I love my husband, I am head over heels for my daughter, and my mom is basically my best friend other than my husband. I have many important people I love and cherish so much that I can not even explain into words. But I know that I am important and that I need to be on the list of important.

Because, I belong exactly where I am. That is my realization.

This is where the good Lord wants me, for some reason he placed me right here. Sitting in this hand-made stool that I refurbished with cushion and fabric. The laptop is on my eat-in and I am watching my sweet girl nap on the monitor. Life is beautiful and I feel grateful I know where I belong. Now to work thru filtering my thoughts and washing my brain to keep “ME” at the top of the list. That includes MY relationship with the lord. Since its MINE that falls into the category of Me. He is on the top of my list, so We share spaces a bit. So, I am going to continue working on growth, working towards goals, and relishing feeling proud of myself. Recognizing the problem is the first step to solution. Here I go…

Thank you for reading my friends. If you can relate to this in any way at all, please comment below on your similarities and how you work or worked thru them.


Quick List for 10 Toddler Activities


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I know as a Parent we can get consumed with the many things on the To-Do list. There is nothing wrong with that. We are all just trying to keep up and maintain the duties of day to day tasks.

A lot of times I have sat and pondered thru the stages of my daughter’s growth. What can I be doing with her? I knew there were things I could manage without spending a ton of money. Tasks, activities things that would stimulate her mind. Living in Washington State we get quite a few cold months. So having the idea for things to do indoors is basically vital for a Stay at home Mom. Just as much as those little stinkers lose their mind with boredom. Us parents are over here twiddling our thumbs too! Watching cartoons, and playing with dolls, and legos on a day to day can have its glory moments. But let us face it, it gets rather repetitive.

One day during a Winter month here I was on day 3 inside. Due to it being so cold out and low on spending funds. We stayed in. Let me assure you, at this point, I was running in circles with my toddler. Ha Ha.

I came to an AH HA moment and decided I would take a quick trip. I went to Pinterest! Where every Mom goes to find the solution for everything. Ha Ha!

There I found many link too many different types of activities. However, the list I am going to share with you is a list I personally like. They don’t cost a ton, they maintain good stimulation, and they were all a lot of fun for Gracie. Some allowed cognitive skills, sensory, even helped her with understanding different movements and how things worked together. I hope you enjoy and find them as helpful as I did during the Cold season. (Although not all Activities are for cold weather only)

10 Toddler Activities (All toddler Ages)

  1. Blow Bubbles
  2. Coloring with Crayons in Highchair
  3. Sort beans or Popcorn kernels into egg cartons
  4. Decorate a Cardboard Box like a Car or Princess Carriage
  5. Shaving cream Color Mixing
  6. Separate Change coins in bowls
  7. Make your Own Playdough
  8. Number writing in Salt
  9. Finger Painting in Highchair
  10. Marshmallow shooter
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