Why Sunshine over Shadows?


Searching and longing to feel whole.

Finding the joy inside your Soul.

Life’s journey is beautiful and filled with magic.

It’s your job to jump out and grab it.

Being afraid is completely okay.

Just don’t let it keep you from growing day to day.

Your reason should never be your excuse.

But, more of an entrance to discover the real you.

So don’t give up and don’t give in.

Be stronger than the monster within.

”Dig deeper than the shadows burrow”

This poem was inspired by a simple picture as the one you see.

This morning, doing my normal scrolling through social media. I came across this post and it was from a plant farm here locally in Spokane.

I am a huge succulent fan so it grabbed my attention quickly. Seems as if succulents are the only plants outside of a cactus I can keep alive.

In the beginning of my journey to learning about succulents and growing them from babies to medium plants. I lost LOTS of leafs and my toddler like to share them with the pet cat.

So that would sometimes leave me with some naked looking succulents. Of course, I would naturally just throw away the broken pieces. Not even thinking to give the leaf a opportunity to regrow.

Just like any plant! Take the clipping and put it in water. Duh!

But, a little different with succulent. You can literally just leave that little guy out and it will regrow itself! I believe a tad bit of water on the leaf here and there with proper sunlight.

How incredible is this! I mean the thought to me that I was so quick to just give up and throw away an opportunity of regrowth.

I almost felt bad for all leafs I killed. Ha ha.

So, next time you feel like giving up quickly. Rethink what opportunity lies in the problem. I assure you there is most likely more life or option left in what you are given.

Sending positive vibes your way and wish you the best of your weekend.


If it makes you feel better, I flipped off my coffee after it spilt on me this morning. #reallife 💋

Thanks for reading!

Oh what the Holiday’s Bring!


What type of person are you?


Are you someone that prepares for holiday shopping 3 or more months ahead?

Do you budget out and save properly to ensure all the things for the holiday?

Can you count on 2 hands the number of things you need to accomplish?

Don’t worry if you said, “No.” Because it’s not about what you have been doing, it’s about what you can start doing!

Oh the weather outside is frightful


Wrong! It’s white and glistening! It’s fresh and crisp! It’s cold but is prepping for a new beginning in Spring.

Perspective my friends.

Wherever you are in the world I hope you enjoy all the beauty this time of year brings.

Personally, the Pacific Northwest starts getting chilly in mid-October. By the end of November, it is really damn cold!

For instance, it is 33 degrees Fahrenheit currently outside. Christmas is only twenty-four days away and there are six gifts to still be picked out and purchased.

Now, even tho Christmas and this time of year should not be about gifts and spending money, it sure feels good to give.

When people tell me that we don’t need to buy them a gift or we don’t need to plan and ask too early.

My response is this, “We are spending money on something for you because we want to give to you. We also want to be sure we gift you with something you will love and use.”

Truly this season and all the giving it allows, Is truly beautiful.

So bundle up and get out there to give back to someone you love and cherish!

We always have to save!


Now there is nothing wrong with not being able to whip out 500$ or more for gift buying during the season.

We simply budget properly per gift, per person and we make that happen.

Because in the end, it is the thought that counts.

Budgeting strategically can seriously save you hundreds of dollars. If you have never done it and just go with the flow. You should try it one year and see what you can achieve!

But, perhaps your a saver and an individual who takes gift buying to the extreme. Pricing out each gift and purchasing as sales happen. Go, you!

Simply we have over twenty gifts every year to pick and purchase.

Yes. You read the headline properly.

Between children, parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, each other and our daughter we have a lot happening.

Also, there are roughly 8 birthdays that happen between the last week of October thru the last weekend of January.

The gift picking is the most stressful only because a lot of people have a difficult time giving ideas.

Something personally that has never been an issue for myself. Giving ideas is the easy part!

However, I would say only about 1/3 give ideas and the rest we wing it! Somehow we have been pretty successful over the last 10 years.

If you are somewhere warm and sunny with sand and blue waters. Please come and pick me up. Ha!

I’m totally kidding!img_1283

I hope you all take the time to actually enjoy the gift buying this year. Even when it can be exhausting and the creativity gets low.

Think about the faces that happen and expressions retrieved when those gifts are given.

Thank you for reading! Have a beautiful week!img_0544

Celebrating Mothers Day like a Mom-Star


Do you get my catchy title? Instead of Momster, it’s Mom-Star. I thought it was rather clever. I know we can all come in counter with the Momster from time to time. But why not own the title Mom-Star? I mean, we are all pretty amazing. At least in my perspective, I see us moms as complete Superstars. But I am just a fellow mom sharing my take on what Nickname we should really be owning.

Being a mom just shy of two years I have had my fair dose of Momster days. However, when I sit here and ponder on the day to day activity and the successes I achieve. I think to myself, I am gosh darn Rockstar! Don’t you ever have that moment of complete validity that you are a Superstar Mom?!

I had a moment of clarity. I remember it clear as day actually because it was such a breath of fresh air. I had so many moments in the beginning. More than id like to even admit. Momster moments are absolutely real and happen daily for a lot of Moms. There is nothing wrong with wearing that name tag for a day, or two if you really need it. Just do yourself a favor and don’t camp out there. I know a lot of moms that sometimes can overuse that term, “Momster.” As if it is a trendy, and cool thing. Which I tend to find humorous, yet sad.

So as I sat there like I was saying at an early age with Gracie. I was so upset so many times that I felt like that Momster energy. I didn’t want that to be the Name tag I would turn to on bad days. It just is such an unappealing nickname. In my opinion of course. Also please know I am 100% guilty of camping out and owning this name tag for months at a time. I just came to realize the psychology behind it. Just took me some mental thinking in order to figure it out. Fortunately, I had some brain mojo one day in earlier motherhood. So my mojo mustered up that if I was going to have to have bad days, why not try and trick myself wearing a different name tag. In which I chose, Mom-Star.

Because in the beginning and end of every single day. I knew I was always putting in 100% and more. I would give every last ounce of energy to my family. Which would leave me tired and restless. Not that I don’t have those days still, I am human. (Far from a robot) But I made the conscious choice to place a name tag on myself, every single morning I wake up. That old name tag I would wear on bad days, to just ensure everyone knew I was cranky or to allow myself too look in the mirror and see everything but what I really am. I am a MOM-STAR! So are you!

See no matter the day, the time, the circumstance. You are a Mom. You are your child’s hero, their safety, their comfort, the gentle hands that rub their face, the ninja moves you learn in order to catch the things before they fall, the maneuvers you pull off, and just the continuous and endless love you give. You are a Mom-Star, a Rockstar, you are anything but a Momster. I hope this sheds some light for you and created a way for you to see you’re not stuck wearing a name tag you don’t want. You can choose! I just hope you choose whats true! Which we all know is, we as moms and we Rock!

Happy 2018 Mothers Day. Here is your Mom reminder that you are So much more than you give yourself credit for. ❤


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