To begin can be scary

Have you started your New Years Resolution?

Perhaps you were up late last night preparing frozen meals, organizing shelves, taking notes for the first day in 2019 or maybe you laid around and spent quality time laughing with your family.

Either way, we all have goals when we begin something new.

The trends and the repetitive repeats of the year before.

Aren’t you sick of setting the same goals every year? Either not reaching them, half reaching them or perhaps, you did actually achieve them.

Good for you!

For those of you, like myself, that start and stop frequently in life by overfilling your “perfection plate.

Trust when I say, “You are not on that wagon alone.”

However, this year I was hoping to encourage others like myself. Too hop off that old wagon and hurdle onto the new one that is actually moving!

Did you know that this is the very last teen of our century? The last teen in your lifetime.

It may not seem like some huge ordeal and perhaps it really is not.

However, sometimes believing something is your last, somehow makes you want to reach for it a little bit more.

Kind of like the theory of, you want what you can’t have.

But, it is not here nor there.

What it is about is, you. This year, it is about kicking your own ass.

If that is physically for you, get on it!

If that is mentally for you, seek it!

If that is emotionally for you, dig for it!

You truly have the power inside of you even when you feel like you don’t.

You are human and it is absolutely normal and natural to simply just feel like you can’t.

But, what I am here to tell you is, you can!

I used to think, that putting a ton of shit on my plate was the best way to get all the things done.

I used to think, that by shooting for 10 things I was stronger or smarter somehow.

I used to…

But this year, this year we can change all we have ever known and done.

Because this year, there is belief like never before. There is passion and there is fire inside of you!

Can you feel it?!

Stop going against what you know your meant to do or be! Don’t worry about what everyone or even that one person will think.

The only persons opinion that matters about you, is yours!

You can never truly be your genuine self if all you do is hide behind a shadow of someone you are not.

Here are some personal tips on how to start and move towards your wanted direction.

  1. Figure out what you want.

I know this is tough. I’m aware it’s the hardest part. But dig deep, soul search and figure out what is burning inside of you. The thing you can not live without. You do not need to be great at this thing. You just have to have a big enough passion and hunger to go after it.

2. How will you get it? Blue print the plan.

No, you do not need to be an architect to blue print your process. You simply need a pencil, some paper and a vision. What is the first step to getting your # 1? I’m not talking about taking the first step here. Simply just writing or drawing it out first. There is SERIOUS magic in writing things down.

Is it changing your attitude?

Is it changing your friends?

Is it adding more nutrition?

Is it implementing more self talk?

How will you get what you want? Figure this out and the next step comes easier.

3. Take the first step

The scariest part. At least for me personally.

Actually, following through with all the things that were just written down is freaky all by itself.

Probably asking yourself, “Am I seriously going to do this?” “Is this actually going to even work?”

Been there and guess what?

You will never know unless you TRY!

So stop allowing FEAR and DOUBT to stop you from everything you DESERVE!

Which takes me to my last tip.

4. Get good at filtering your thoughts

Before you speak, think. Because our reality becomes what we create.

If we are constantly feeding ourselves doubt through thoughts.

Well my friends, I will just tell you now that you will spin your plates for a long time by doing so.

You disservice yourself and all those around you by speaking poorly. By thinking poorly.

We are what we feel and we become what we surround ourself with physically and mentally.

I know this might seem a bit deep and weird to wrap up my last tip this way.

But, it’s truth and if you don’t start taking the filter process more seriously. You will self destruct before you even flip the switch to try.

Believe in yourself. Believe in the power of you!

Always remember that being intentional with everything you do can be life altering.

Happy New Year 2019 to all of you! May you be showered with love and light.

A few things in 2019 I will personally be doing:

  • Being Intentional (My Word for the Year)
  • Learning to manage and work through my Anxiety.
  • Diminish my Personal depression for good!
  • Less unproductive Screen time
  • Increased creative time with Gracie
  • More dates with my Husband
  • Monetize my website
  • Find sponsorship for Podcast
  • Donate as much as possible
  • Attend church regularly
  • Makeup application & Beauty world
  • YouTube channel growth
  • Take walks outside and alone again. This has been a struggle since my anxiety took over.
  • Better nutrition and self care for the inside of my body.
  • Read more and take more notes


The rest are things I plan on working on and getting better at with application and time.


Do you know these things about yourself?

The other day while browsing for material to read and gander at. An article came across that was so riveting it had me actual spend some time searching for some personal answers.

Things that in reality are really important to know about yourself. Even if that means you spend a decade figuring it out, which of course I never hope that on anyone.

Eventually the questions that deserve answers will be found.

Why these Questions?

Well, this is a very valid point as to why the list here is even going to exist.

Reflection my friends.

See, by doing this one-act a minimal amount of time every single day can literally transform your perspective.

Friends if you can alter your perspective and get a grasp on managing that. Well, your on your way to much bigger things then you can even imagine.

Reflection leads to Perspective.

No, this might not be a fact nor have I even tried looking that up. But, I am someone who believe in logic and when I say things out loud if they make sense logically they probably just make sense.

So my point is when I say that little sentence, “Reflection leads to Perspective.”

I am saying that merely because for me, it works. So I figured why in the world would I not share such a valuable and helpful piece of advice that has actually benefit me.

Lets transform Together

Sometimes for people doing things alone can be not just scary but, it can literally stop that person from actually doing it.

Fear is not to be underestimated and also not to be judged.

It’s so vital in today’s age we reach out, we lend a hand and we show grace for everyone.

With the diversity that has been created through all the negativity, it is more important not than it ever has been, too come together.

If you feel inside your gut that the person you are looking at needs some encouragement or a hug. Give them love, give them what they deserve as a human being.

Let’s just remember one things before we move forward.

Once Mark Twain said these words and quiet honestly there might not be anything more powerful or fitting for what we deal with in today’s world.


What a powerful perspective right?


Whether you like it or not, you are like no one else

It is important that the first thing you know about yourself is that your unique and beautifully made.

Whatever weird thing you are into your allowed. You are aloud to be however corky you want.

You can dance in the street with short and sandals in the middle of winter. If that is what you want to do! You might freeze your rear off but, you will be you!

So take the time to sit down, really embrace and fall in the fact that you are the only you on the planet.

So gosh darn-it smile about that.

You are Loved

Some days can be tough. So tough, that some people actually think about ending their life.

The lack of expression in love is harming our society.

The importance of understand, appreciating and knowing with conviction that you are loved.

Now I have no idea who you have in your life or who you hold close. In fact the people you do might be harming you in ways you don’t even understand. We will get to that.

Remember that even when you have no body and there is not a soul around, at the moment. I would encourage you to do one thing, walk to the mirror and take a hard look at you.

Look hard. Tell yourself, “I love you.”

In moments of desperation and feeling low or not loved. It’s important to remember that we are allowed to love ourselves and that it is more powerful than anyone else ever-loving you.

Does being loved feel good? Of course.

Does it solve your problem of feeling loved? Maybe.

If that person were to go or simply when they do, what then? Who will love you then?

Do you see the importance of, self-love?

Know this about yourself my beautiful friend. Loving you first and knowing how to love yourself is truly filling.

The encouragement to try is massive.

Power of Perspective

Okay now these things that are being listed might seem strange or simply unorthodox too you. That is honestly 100% okay and you can continue the read and find value or not.

The idea here is to give perspective.

This being the third on the list which was intentional. Third time is a charm is literally why I went with it.

Perspective to me is charming. It literally changes lives and is powerful enough to alter someone complete lifestyle.

Is that crazy? Of course it sounds crazy but, if you back it up with hard work after placing the perspective where it goes.

You guys! You can learn so dang much more about yourself when you learn to shift perspective.

Will you nail it every time? Probably not. I hope you do but, in reality we all have to fail a shit load of times before we even win once.

Is it worth putting the effort into actually training your mind? YES! A million times yes!

Think about it and perhaps come back and we can chat thru commentary and be genuinely real with one another.

Abraham Lincoln said, “We can complain that rose bushes have thorns or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.” 


Figuring out Passion

Whew! This one is tough for a lot of people. Some are blessed to figure out they are made to build rocket ships when they are 5 years old.

Some are sixty and have literally never discovered one passion they had.

Could you imagine living a life without a passion for one thing?

I mean even the simplest of a passion for tea or your kids..

Passion can be found with anything and that is what is so incredibly magical about it. You get to decide your indefinite love for something.

The one things you will not negotiate on or give up.

You know that is inside of you, right? You know that there is some type of fire living inside that is burning.

SO if you get frequent stomach aches or feel  low for no apparent reason. Truth is something is trying to come out.

Sit with yourself and try to dig it out, try and find the thing you can not live without.

Because once passion is discovered, success isn’t far when you put in the work. Success does not need to be money or fancy things,

Success thru passion can simply be having a healthy family that laughs and enjoys life every single day. For some, that is all they will ever need and all they can not live without.

True Capability

Did you know that the human brain has the memory storage which is equivalent of more than four terabytes on a hard drive?

That is intense and insane to actually think about.

Can you imagine if we actually used all that storage and filled it with things that are feeding our brains instead of stealing energy from it with doubt or bad food?

You are incredibly capable of anything you put your mind to. I know that sounds cliché and all but it’s the truth.

What we tell ourselves becomes our reality and our reality becomes what we live.

Gross. Who wants to live anything other than a happy and full life?

You deserve to live your best life. You deserve to fulfill your dreams and aspirations.

Give yourself the chance to find your true capability by challenging yourself.

By doing so time after time you will surely figure out your capabilities that are strong or weak. You do not need to be good at everything you just need to know that your capable of them.

Believe in yourself and the rest will follow.

You are your company

Keeping this short and sweet.

Knowing your environment is crucial.

Why? There is a saying and I would be surprised if you had not heard it or read it.

“You are the average of the FIVE people you spend the most time with.”

Now can I claim this is fact? Well surely I personally can’t but, if you think hard about it. It makes total sense.

You are in control of this and it’s up to you too decided how much you value your environment and the impact it makes on you.

If your okay with average, that’s great! Because that is apart of you.

Do you understand? Are you really letting this sink in?

The power YOU have with the proper set up, creates endless possibility.

Doesn’t that sound, so good?

So give it a shot, really put effort behind this. Think long and hard about how you want your life to be.

Once you narrow that down you are on your way to filtering your environment.

Giving space for people and things that humbly help you launch forward.

Sounds good, yeah?

You’ll never know until you try.

“Friends” on Social Media


Perhaps there will be a negative number of friends left on my personal page once this is read.

Either way, truth is truth and it goes both ways.

Have you ever looked at your friends list on whatever platform you use daily and know for a fact that not even 1/3 of those people are your friends?

Now, I understand if you use social media as a hub for connecting and marketing your business or perhaps even yourself as a brand. This is justified in having a large amount of followers.

We just need to be sure we understand the difference between friends and followers. Because trust me, definition of friends can not be compared to followers. It just does not mix.

Okay, so I have roughly 400 friends on my personal Facebook page. Let me be really honest here, I only talk to maybe 15 of those people regularly.

Knowing over half of the people on my friends list are from my past or simply called friends because of a list on Facebook. Reality checks them off as, acquaintances or simply a name on my list.

Why do we want on our personal pages to have SO many friends?

I mean in reality, nobody can talk to that many people regularly.

When I say, “That many people.” I am referring to those that have personal pages with over 2k friends.

I mean, create a page following if you are looking for that. Right?

Are we trying to fool ourselves?

Is this coming off too brash or rude?

Not my intention but also not, not my intention.

Having the small but sorta big number of friends on my list, only maybe 1/10 will ever actually support me and my personal goals while following my personal page…

Why are you friends with me?

Why are we friends with people when we really are not?

Why do we try to alter the BEAUTIFUL and MEANINGFUL definition of a friend?

Currently with all transparency I am having a moment of clarity that I am also someone who is friends with people or follow people who have no relevance or purpose in my life.

Clear out time?

Sometimes I think the number we see on a screen is reality to us.

When really if you take away all the fake, all the likes and pretend friends. You end up with a bare feed of news and recipes. About a handful of friends and followers left. Usually about 1/3 is worth keeping around.

I suppose that depends on the number you currently have for your friends list.

I think it’s important to start being real with ourselves.

For multiple reasons

Mentally we all need clarification that social media with all that it creates and hides isn’t reality.

Emotionally it is vital and non negotiable to not allow numbers and media too make you feel less than anything outside of magical and capable of endless possibilities.

Physically social media has dumbed down society to believe we need to look like a Barbie or walk around like we own shit, or something like that. Tight bodies, flabby ones, skinny ones or just plain plump figures. We are all perfectly made!

I hope and encourage you to not allow social media to let you feel anything else.

I also want to add the most important thoughts I had meant to intentionally share here.

Stop pretending to be friends with someone if you’re not.

If you are not prioritizing or making effort to keep friendship or create it. Then you don’t want it as bad as you say. Stop hiding behind social media and calling that connection a friendship. We all know how friendship is created and it surely is not real, if its not real.

If you see a post on social media made by a friend or even a friend of a friend. LIKE IT. LOVE IT. Show support anyway you possibly can.

It means something to that person.

Your love and support no matter how close, means something.

So if you’re gonna follow people or be friends with them but never actually meet.

Heck most the time it’s just a friend add and that is as far as it goes.

If that is the case, show the love. Show support.

Social media can be a lot of bad, but it can also be a powerhouse for good.

Let’s spread more good. Let’s be more genuine. Let’s be more encouraging and supportive to our friends.

Because in the end isn’t social media all about spreading the word?

Why do we do it?

Someone once told me that if you don’t believe in yourself, nobody else will either.

At that moment the comment was not invited nor reciprocated in a positive manner.

Even though looking back it was merely a wise piece of advice.

I now use that small sentence to motivate me at my low moments of seeking out belief from others. To turn around looking in the mirror, knowing it’s my responsibility to first have the belief in myself before it would ever be given.

Why do we demean ourselves and the conviction of what we believe in or do?

Why do we not stand tall when someone asks us simply, “what do you do?”

Why do we shy away from our paths even when no career is in place?

Why do we care so much about other people and their opinions?


Those are simply just a few questions that came to mind which I know have been questioned. (Personal experience)

Do you ever ask yourself why we seek out validation?

Knowing a few individuals who have personality types that are absolute on needing validation.

Yet, behind doors they have zero belief in themselves.

How can there be true fulfillment?

Behind doors they cry in fear of what others think.

Why do we do this to ourselves?

Last year, blogging came into my life and forever has changed it. Being a stay at home mom with no consistent income and a husband who was tired and supporting us with loads of love.

You see when I began the journey a lot of people questioned me and my choice of what the hell I was doing or trying to learn too do.

Of course being the odd duck and always being outside the box.

But, the pressure actually got to me and the hiatus happened.

I had allowed them and the opinions to win.

How dare I!

After the hiatus and hard realization of feeling something missing, blogging came back to my life and here I am.

My point to the short story is simply that if I would of listened, if I would not have believed in myself enough.

This would not be here right now.

The improvement and knowledge gained would not be here right now.

The important thing was, the thing that was missing and created that short break.

Was belief in myself.

Being so busy seeking out validation and belief from other people, I simply forgot to see it in myself.

Which lead me to writing this short but sweet message. In hopes to encourage or enlighten another.

Next time you feel like your doing something for you and something that lights you on fire.

Something that you can not let go of and forget.

Don’t. Do not stop fighting for it.

Believe in yourself. Believe that you are capable of literally anything you allow your mind to learn and do.

Remember how powerful you are and that belief in yourself, is some type of power on its own.

Oh what the Holiday’s Bring!


What type of person are you?


Are you someone that prepares for holiday shopping 3 or more months ahead?

Do you budget out and save properly to ensure all the things for the holiday?

Can you count on 2 hands the number of things you need to accomplish?

Don’t worry if you said, “No.” Because it’s not about what you have been doing, it’s about what you can start doing!

Oh the weather outside is frightful


Wrong! It’s white and glistening! It’s fresh and crisp! It’s cold but is prepping for a new beginning in Spring.

Perspective my friends.

Wherever you are in the world I hope you enjoy all the beauty this time of year brings.

Personally, the Pacific Northwest starts getting chilly in mid-October. By the end of November, it is really damn cold!

For instance, it is 33 degrees Fahrenheit currently outside. Christmas is only twenty-four days away and there are six gifts to still be picked out and purchased.

Now, even tho Christmas and this time of year should not be about gifts and spending money, it sure feels good to give.

When people tell me that we don’t need to buy them a gift or we don’t need to plan and ask too early.

My response is this, “We are spending money on something for you because we want to give to you. We also want to be sure we gift you with something you will love and use.”

Truly this season and all the giving it allows, Is truly beautiful.

So bundle up and get out there to give back to someone you love and cherish!

We always have to save!


Now there is nothing wrong with not being able to whip out 500$ or more for gift buying during the season.

We simply budget properly per gift, per person and we make that happen.

Because in the end, it is the thought that counts.

Budgeting strategically can seriously save you hundreds of dollars. If you have never done it and just go with the flow. You should try it one year and see what you can achieve!

But, perhaps your a saver and an individual who takes gift buying to the extreme. Pricing out each gift and purchasing as sales happen. Go, you!

Simply we have over twenty gifts every year to pick and purchase.

Yes. You read the headline properly.

Between children, parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, each other and our daughter we have a lot happening.

Also, there are roughly 8 birthdays that happen between the last week of October thru the last weekend of January.

The gift picking is the most stressful only because a lot of people have a difficult time giving ideas.

Something personally that has never been an issue for myself. Giving ideas is the easy part!

However, I would say only about 1/3 give ideas and the rest we wing it! Somehow we have been pretty successful over the last 10 years.

If you are somewhere warm and sunny with sand and blue waters. Please come and pick me up. Ha!

I’m totally kidding!img_1283

I hope you all take the time to actually enjoy the gift buying this year. Even when it can be exhausting and the creativity gets low.

Think about the faces that happen and expressions retrieved when those gifts are given.

Thank you for reading! Have a beautiful week!img_0544

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