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But only things I love

Knitted Pull-Over Sweater.

Color options available!

I was looking at this sweat shirt for over a month until I finally was gifted one from my husband. It fits just as it’s suppose to! The material is durable and it’s so pretty. I adore the color scheme I got and honestly I want to buy all of them in every color. It is that perfect! I love it. You can find it here!

( Dry Clean Only )


Knitted Grey and White Pull-Over sweater

Now this sweater is so soft! Too clear things up, this is ABSOLUTELY baggy fit/loose fit. Which is EXACTLY what I was hoping for. It’s so comfortable and the PERFECT Mom sweater for the “on the go” type morning when it’s chilly. Some leggings and some cozy boots. Psshhhh! LEGIT school drop off outfit! You can look put together and comfortable at the same time. WIN! Find it here! You want this one.


Pull-Over hoody with other style options

Okay I LOVE this comfy style make and material. The one fail on my part was paying attention to the length of the sweater. It is a shorter style pullover. So, if you do not like short sweaters. This is not for you. The material is a thick style and almost fluffy/squishy type. I adore the cactus patch. When I received the sweater I also noticed a little surprise that there was a initial “A” on it. Which was so fitting for my name. Anyways, you can find it here.


Fairy-will Electric Toothbrush with EXTRA head replacement

Okay for all of you that do not use a electric toothbrush and want too. DO IT! They DO NOT have to cost over 100$ either to get you started. Family dentist encouraged the household to switch to the circulating electric toothbrush. Like a Sonicare but, I could not justify the $120 for ONE toothbrush. So, I did what any reasonable stay at home Mom would do living on one income. I bargain hunted on Amazon! All behold I found one and bought two! Husband and I love them and very satisfied! If you looking to spend under $50 for a GOOD electric toothbrush. Click here and check the one out I purchased.


Electric Dual set, 400Ml Diffusers. Change colors and speed

We all know that essential oils are super in right now. However, some don’t know the true benefits of you do it right. I was directed in learning and gaining some knowledge about this field. (Still learning) I invested in some diffusers for around the house. Everything I found was pretty pricey. I am a budget gal. Finally after searching my heart out I came upon this steal of a deal! Two for the price of one. They are 400mL! When on intermediate they will run for 10 hours! They put off a great amount of diffuse for fragrance and I love the light up effects it offers. But let me repeat, two for the price of one! Check it out here.


Long Sleeve Pull-Over

Oh my comfy! You guys, this pullover is legit! I am not kidding when I say that I will own a large amount of these. SOFT! CUSHION FEEL! THICK! Not having a Hood is totally cool with me when the neck area is so warm! I can just throw a beanie on and no worries! I mean for the price, it is seriously a steal! With holidays being around the corner, I feel like it would be the perfect gift for any age of girl. It is long style so keep that in mind for height of girl! It could end up being as long as a short dress. Ha! Anyways, here is the link for this stellar piece.


Ed Sheeran Perfect Jogger SET

This was a set I have been wanting for a long time. Two years actually. However the original set was the black divide combo.

The set I got was suppose to be the light colored grey, zipper side pockets and the ankles were not meant to be bunched together.

I received a heather grey set with open side pockets, no zippers and the ankles are gathered.

Now, I am a HUGE fan of Ed Sheeran and his music. I do not believe this miss-happening is his personal doing. However I am bummed I waited weeks for the arrival for the product and then did not even receive the proper items. Nor were they on time together.

My husband will not be ordering from the company again but, I however am hoping the next purchase will turn out the way I believe it is suppose too.

For the quality of the product and how it is made, I would definitely give it a solid 10. Made really well and warm. Just wishing it was the lighter color with the zippers.

It is worth the price and his apparel is amazing. I hope your experience is better and you enjoy the set if you buy it. I have not taken off my Hoody since I got it.