When you try new things

Everyone was talking about it, so we finally caved.

You can buy the product online in bulk, you can also buy them per pound or you can find a local store and purchase it for $10 almost a pound. At least where I am located. I am talking about IMPOSSIBLE plant based meat.

We caved and paid the $10 at local store and absolutely are hooked! It’s almost dangerous how delicious the burger really it. Here is a photo of how it turned out.

My husband made his famous homemade russet potato French fries in the air fryer and of course we enjoyed all the fixings!

Now as you know or may not know, my daughter is incredibly picky. When I say picky, I mean she will absolutely starve herself if she doesn’t like the food. It’s horrible!

For some reason ever since I switched her diet, implemented new flavors and color, she is changing. Her attitude, her energy, her focus, even her communication! I mean I know it sounds pretty crazy to think that within just days there could be actual effects, but there has been!

Now I won’t claim it is due to the diet, but it sure has perfect timing.

As we continue this journey together as a family and navigate creativity, the dinner time together has been really great. For instance the burger was last night and tonight we had a Crispy Parmesan seasoned tofu. It was delicious and baked to perfection! Gracie ate every bite and even devoured her asparagus.

Here is a snap from our crispy tofu.

My Personal favorite vegan ranch mashers, pan fried asparagus and this tasty tofu!

Looking forward to sharing more and hoping you stick around for my recipes to come!

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