I can’t believe it!

Almost four months is what is took to be taken more seriously.

If you aren’t up to date with what’s going on, let me share it in a nut shell.

I chose to practice a vegan/plant based diet in February of 2020 and just as of 3 days ago, my family has joined me. Now dont think I was capable of getting them to go cold turkey, but I would say 85% of their diet has switched to vegan/plant based.

Breakfast, lunch and dinners have all been cooked and prepared by me. I’ve worked very hard to try and accommodate their favorite meals and transform them with vegan/plant nutrition.

We started on night one with Spaghetti, night two was crispy teriyaki tofu bites and tonight being night three was Friday taco night.

Here are a few shot I got before devouring the meals. I promise to get better at sharing shots of finished product, as well as the process of cooking the meal. I plan to share the process and recipes with you all.

Night #1: Home made spaghetti sauce. I had no tomato paste, so I made a bean paste. It worked, but that is why the color is tad orange. I also made the artisan bread from scratch. The topping is a cashew parm.

Night #2: The process to this tofu wasn’t so bad. Baked and then stir fried. Turned out fantastic!

Tonight being night 3 and I failed to get another final product photo. I do have left overs though and I will be making some.

Thanks for reading and I’m looking forward to continuing to share. The recipes are coming and that is even more exciting!

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