Sanity savior with Instacart and Being a stay at home Mom

Tisk’ task the list that will forever last.

As a full-time stay-at-home mom, personally I can feel like the to-do list is always in my face and never caught up. After talking to a large variety of different types of moms they all had one similar thing to say and it was, “There is never enough time in the day for all the things.”

Now the cool thing is that, as time progresses so does growth with options and things available.

When I first started using Instacart and learning about the flexibility it allowed me to have I was hooked. Who can argue the fact that I can now vacuum and grocery shop at the same time?

What about the idea of being able to play with your kiddo and get your grocery list together all at once.

I know all to well how toddlers are a lot of energy and it’s tough to keep up with them on top of daily tasks as a mother, wife and some ladies even run side hustles for income.

We haven’t even gotten to the fact that moms need time for themselves, but even then we are tending to other tasks. Christmas shopping for gifts, birthday picking, decoration ideas, the next event for a family gathering and I am sure there is much more.

Well now you can tend to a nice warm bath and some quiet time for you all while grocery shopping and having it delivered FOR FREE after you are all done. You don’t have to pick up the food, hassle with parking, dig through shelves or leave that nice warm bath.

Here are my top three favorite reasons why Instacart benefits me as a Stay-at-home Mom.


This is a saint solution and has saved me MULTIPLE tantrums in a grocery store. One thing in particular I love is how you can have your list made up first thing in the morning to be delivered later that afternoon. I had decided to make spaghetti for dinner that night and before my order was delivered I was able to still add my sauce to the order. If I would had gone to the store and shopped, I would of had to go back. Saved me time right there!Also what toddler wants to just look at food for an hour? Not mine kid! She is cool for about 20 minutes tops!

2. Buyer/Shopper chat option.

While your shopper is working on your list and gathering items, you can discuss with them any of your specifics or if you’d like them to change something. Then just be sure to tip them for their awesome customer service. Feedback for any company is so important.

3. Free Shipping over $35!

You guys who orders a load of groceries and doesn’t end up spending at least $30-40!? The average monthly food cost is roughly $400 and that is basic foods such as top ramen etc. Keep in mind that this average cost is evaluated in a bigger cities than where I reside, but still is a average overall.

Personally my family used to spend roughly $600 a month on food, which easily could increase to $700 with EXTRA impulse buys and small visits to the grocery store. Since using Instacart and being able to stick to a list and be intentional with purchases it has allowed me to not grab and go while wondering the isles. We are now spending around $400 a month for food. Which means we are roughly saving $200 a month! This opens doors to a treat of eating out as a family and still being able to add cash to savings. My family is so much more capable of budgeting and knowing the price at the end of shopping. Instacart makes it completely user friendly to know what you are spending and saving. It’s all right there on your app! So for FREE DELIVERY and a small tip to shop for things you need anyways, save money, have items delivered to your doorstep and still get some friendly engagement. Well that sounds like a super good deal and it’s exactly why I chose Instacart for my grocery needs.

If you are interested in learning more about Instacart you can click here and also earn some cash.

It’s free to sign up and if this isn’t for you, maybe consider thinking about date nights!

Being able to have fresh food delivered to your doorstep for a night in together is a great idea!

Thanks for reading!

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