“Friends” on Social Media


Perhaps there will be a negative number of friends left on my personal page once this is read.

Either way, truth is truth and it goes both ways.

Have you ever looked at your friends list on whatever platform you use daily and know for a fact that not even 1/3 of those people are your friends?

Now, I understand if you use social media as a hub for connecting and marketing your business or perhaps even yourself as a brand. This is justified in having a large amount of followers.

We just need to be sure we understand the difference between friends and followers. Because trust me, definition of friends can not be compared to followers. It just does not mix.

Okay, so I have roughly 400 friends on my personal Facebook page. Let me be really honest here, I only talk to maybe 15 of those people regularly.

Knowing over half of the people on my friends list are from my past or simply called friends because of a list on Facebook. Reality checks them off as, acquaintances or simply a name on my list.

Why do we want on our personal pages to have SO many friends?

I mean in reality, nobody can talk to that many people regularly.

When I say, “That many people.” I am referring to those that have personal pages with over 2k friends.

I mean, create a page following if you are looking for that. Right?

Are we trying to fool ourselves?

Is this coming off too brash or rude?

Not my intention but also not, not my intention.

Having the small but sorta big number of friends on my list, only maybe 1/10 will ever actually support me and my personal goals while following my personal page…

Why are you friends with me?

Why are we friends with people when we really are not?

Why do we try to alter the BEAUTIFUL and MEANINGFUL definition of a friend?

Currently with all transparency I am having a moment of clarity that I am also someone who is friends with people or follow people who have no relevance or purpose in my life.

Clear out time?

Sometimes I think the number we see on a screen is reality to us.

When really if you take away all the fake, all the likes and pretend friends. You end up with a bare feed of news and recipes. About a handful of friends and followers left. Usually about 1/3 is worth keeping around.

I suppose that depends on the number you currently have for your friends list.

I think it’s important to start being real with ourselves.

For multiple reasons

Mentally we all need clarification that social media with all that it creates and hides isn’t reality.

Emotionally it is vital and non negotiable to not allow numbers and media too make you feel less than anything outside of magical and capable of endless possibilities.

Physically social media has dumbed down society to believe we need to look like a Barbie or walk around like we own shit, or something like that. Tight bodies, flabby ones, skinny ones or just plain plump figures. We are all perfectly made!

I hope and encourage you to not allow social media to let you feel anything else.

I also want to add the most important thoughts I had meant to intentionally share here.

Stop pretending to be friends with someone if you’re not.

If you are not prioritizing or making effort to keep friendship or create it. Then you don’t want it as bad as you say. Stop hiding behind social media and calling that connection a friendship. We all know how friendship is created and it surely is not real, if its not real.

If you see a post on social media made by a friend or even a friend of a friend. LIKE IT. LOVE IT. Show support anyway you possibly can.

It means something to that person.

Your love and support no matter how close, means something.

So if you’re gonna follow people or be friends with them but never actually meet.

Heck most the time it’s just a friend add and that is as far as it goes.

If that is the case, show the love. Show support.

Social media can be a lot of bad, but it can also be a powerhouse for good.

Let’s spread more good. Let’s be more genuine. Let’s be more encouraging and supportive to our friends.

Because in the end isn’t social media all about spreading the word?

3 Comments on ““Friends” on Social Media

  1. I remember the social network Path. I wish it had taken off more. It closed down earlier this year. Initially, it differentiated itself from Facebook by limiting you to only 50 friend connections. Then I think it went higher, like 150? The point being you only had ‘real’ friends and connections and could manage them. It focused on quality over quantity. It was a cool idea. But yeah, Facebook has limited categorization for connections with people: acquaintances, friends, close friends. It may be oversimplification. Real life is more nuanced. Real people and real connections are more complex. The attempt at digital replication of real social life, I think, is inherently limited, IMO. But for all its weaknesses, it can be helpful and serve a purpose. It’s an imperfect tool wielded by imperfect people. So, your advice to use it well is good advice. Does Facebook have friend lists anymore? If so, one could make a list called ‘real actual friends and people I communicate with regularly or at least try to.’ Or something like that. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my I had no idea about the whole 50 friend connection thing. Ha!
      I do however love that idea of categorizing the “friends.”

      I am just finding more and more these days that “friends” are harder to come by when you don’t ever actually meet them in person first off.
      I honestly am not sure why my luck has been that.
      I hope to alter my perspective and shift my thought process before walking out the door.

      Because in the end perspective is key! 😉 I’m working on it every day 🙂 ha

      Thanks for reading Jason.

      I also believe it’s just ”one type” of friends list?

      Take care!

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