Managing Time as a Mom


You most likely opened this out of curiosity whether this post was the solution to, the never-ending problem of running out of time. First thing I am just going to tell you that you might find some nuggets in my post about how I personally manage or don’t. But the simple answer is, no. You probably will not find all the answers or discover some sort of secret potion recipe I have placed somewhere in this post on how to fix running out of time. However, I have good news! What I am going to share with you is my journey to finding some peace in a few problem areas that I had day in and day out.

Now I want to share one word with you today and that word is multi-tasking. Become so familiar with the activity of dual tasks that you could do it with all limbs in the air and balance on your nose. Point being is to practice the shit out of it. Make it happen. GO! HA! Just kidding.

Multi-tasking is my life. Yeah, I am just going to jump right in and make this as casual as I can. Because honestly, this time-management stuff is not rocket science. Its simple math with activities. I sort of pair up activities like I do when I bag my own groceries. You don’t put a container of creamer with a loaf of bread, it is that simple. So you probably don’t want to do your daily yoga routine while showering with your toddler. Yet, doing squats while blow-drying your hair seems a bit more doable. Make sense? Bag your activities together accordingly.

When Gracie was first born obviously I was clueless on how to time manage literally anything with the consuming amount of time a new little baby human takes. I basically just was winging it every single day. Your instincts kick in for the most part. I managed to take showers every single day when she was even first born. I refused to allow the standard of “No showers” to happen to me. I would place her in the bassinet, roll her into the bathroom and let her nap while I showered. It worked literally 90% of her life. I stuck it out and just made shit happen.

Now one thing I got adjusted to really quick were these few things:

  1. Do not listen to everyone else and their Mom standards of what is okay. Because habits are habits. What you allow is what becomes reality.
  2. Be Intentional. Simple as that.
  3. Routine! I implemented this from day one. Even tho I had zero clues what I was doing.
  4. Stop Over-complicating things. You don’t need books, parents, anyone or thing to tell you how to raise your little one or dictate how things should be done. Do what you KNOW and FEEL is right. ( Just my advice )
  5. Make Lists. Make phone Alerts.

Instincts are Powerful and we underuse them due to a society that has no more self-trust. We depend on resources to tell us how and when to do things. I was listening to a podcast the other day when someone mentioned how they treated raising their kids and what to do with them. In a nut, she said, “Back in the old days when nothing but instinct was your option, that is what we used.” She mentioned some other small things but the one thing I personally resonated with was that simple statement. She was right. We are created to be mothers and nurture. Us moms have serious senses and if we apply ourselves right, we would stop questioning ourselves and choices a lot less. Because if we apply ourselves and our energy on understanding our own individual instincts. I believe a lot less negative feelings basically would exist inside us. Then again, that is just my outlook.

So, I want to touch a little bit on the intentional area. I had to come to understand and create habitually. Which I am still working on but, I am on the playing field which means I am in the game and I am here to win, being intentional. What I do know about making this a priority is that organization is key. You cannot be intentional without a plan and that plan needs to be organized. I believe with success comes consistency and a plan.

So many moms nowadays just wing it or have no routine at all. I mean I get that it is really tough to do but I also know it would make your life a hell of a lot easier if you implemented one. Now I can not tell you how to structure your day only because I don’t know their age, activities, your schedule, anyone else’s schedule or perhaps they are homeschooled. Either way, I am here to share with you the bits and pieces of how I manage my time.

Every single day I am planning for the next day.

Currently, that is how I am operating but I have hopes to soon plan out weeks, then months and so forth as my planner fills. Now I have my basic day to day get ready routine, then I always plan for an outing in the day and I blueprint what my work looks like while my daughter naps and when my husband gets home. So I split up my work thru my day. I would suggest you split up your chores list or even listen to your podcast while you cook. Since we all know its really hard to find an hours free time to do that and everything else in the day. Girl! Bring in those multi-tasking skills! Be intentional about what the hell you are doing, its that simple girl. Write it down or make alerts on your phone. Whatever it takes to be intentional with what needs to get done, do it.


Oh, Mylanta the things other moms have to say to you. Even better the things your parents want to chime in on. I am over here thinking, “No one invited you in on my parenting techniques.” I know you moms either know what I am saying or you are the mama that is the one doing this. Ha! If you are the know it all mom, girl you need to chill. No one handed you the all mighty know it all book for life. So don’t do that, its gross.

If you are not uplifting, encouraging, empowering and basically just offering to boost up another mom. You really need to be put in check because last I checked we were all moms and we were all fighting the same daily battles. Let us come together and stop the bicker on who knows it all. Careful on what advice you are handing out. Hence why all of what I am saying is my personal feelings. I never quoted facts. Ha! If it isn’t real life fact shit, then stop blabbing just to sound like you are smart. Hugs!

Routines are a bitch, just do your best to make sure the kid eats balanced meals, gets a nap depending on age and for the love of god let the kid be creative, make messes and drive you nuts. Soon, they will be out of the house and you might be happy for a short time. But you’ll miss them soon enough.

Back to talk, so yeah. That is my big secret. Which really isn’t a secret, it is simply to stay ahead of the game. Its tiring and can wear your shit down like you have never been worn down before. But if you work and apply yourself in the right areas in life/days and manage your time in a way that will excel you. Well, if you just work the right thing maybe someday you won’t need to worry about time.
Think about it…

Think outside the box

Until next time, stay intentional, multitask when needed like, squats while you blow-dry or podcast listen while you cook. Time management is so crucial as a parent in order to not lose your mind because you can’t keep up. Don’t beat yourself up because this shit is hard and managing time can be tricky. I hope to create a template for time management.

Yeah, maybe I will.
P.s. Don’t forget Siri will remind you things if you ask it to. ( *wink* )


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