Keeping up with the Joneses

If you have not heard the term. I need you to STOP right now and go Google search my title. Read and come back.


Now, here we are sitting or standing where ever you are reading this. Probably self-thinking either you have been that person or you hate those type of people. It is either or.
I personally would be the first to admit that I have absolutely more than a handful of times in my life tried to keep up. Whether that was in the bar buying the rounds, the take-out table at the restaurant with covering the tab or how about buying that super expensive top you bought while you were out with Debbie. I mean the list could go on forever with the things people do to Keep up.

When I actually put that into perspective and think about those two words, keep up. Like, what in the hell are we trying to keep up for and up to whos standard?! I mean we honestly care so much about having a fancy centerpiece all because you went to a neighborhood potluck and they had one?! Okay, that is a weird example but, what’s even weirder is that I bet somewhere that is a true story. Ha!
So, are you one of the people that make a good living or even an average living? Like most of us. But, maybe your friends you socialize with are of much higher pay per say. I mean, how is your credit card looking? Do they even care if whatever your buying is bought? I mean if you are friends, I would not think your stature of income would be the definition of your character or symbolize anything about your friendship. If so, you should tell them to kick rocks. ( Just a POA)

Now like I said before I am no angel to not trying too impress people or simply just keep up with the environment of what is going on and what is being spent etc. Sometimes trying to keep up isn’t even in your control. It seriously just happens.
Here is a great example of that. I was 21 years old and partying downtown on a Saturday night with my friends. I open a bar tab on my credit card because I am a regular there and told them to let my friends add what they would like to the tab thru the night. Mind you there were only 3 of us together that night.
Well, because I knew so many damn people they would just name drop and the bartender would stupidly add their drinks to my tab. We are not talking bud lights and well whiskey. We are talking Patron doubles and Coronas all night long for a good 15 or more people easily. I am only guessing because my bar tab was $525.87. Yeah, I remember the exact number because it was something that will never happen again. So my point is who gives a fuck what anyone thinks! You will go broke and be unhappy as shit if you never make choices based on YOUR outcome. I had to learn this the hard way. This example is far from the last it is just the only one I will share here today because they are not proud moments. ( I am giggling a tad)


So just take my advice for peat’s sake and worry about how you are going to further YOU towards where you want to be. At that moment, in the next week or even in the next year. Make choices and be intentional about them. Be sure they will POSITIVELY impact you now and later. Not just satisfy a moment. Let alone, a moment for someone else.
Now if you are the person that has never given two shits about what anyone thinks or ever tried to do any of the stupid crap you just read. I am air high fiving you RIGHT NOW. Go on with your bad self and keep the confidence high in you and your choices.
As for us, that is a W.I.P (Work in progress) You keep up with your bad self too. Because in the end, we are all badass mama jammas!
Stay cool cucumber.

2 Comments on “Keeping up with the Joneses

  1. I’m going to continue to try to blossom this new friendship we are growing. I know deep down it could flourish into a beautiful garden of laughter, happiness, tears, fears, and anything else that makes a friendship! 🌻

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so grateful we crossed paths and connected. In life, I believe the random connections turn into the most beautiful relationships. I look forward to growing as friends! 🌟💜


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