To the person who used to be the closest to me. Here is a note for you.

Dear old friend,

Do you remember the time we first met? Do you recall the moment we knew we were friends? I do.

I remember those days with a simple blink or close of my eyes. I remember us being young and so innocent to so many things.

Do you remember when we said, “No matter what, we will always stay close.”

The days we pretty much had no responsibility outside of waking up for school, doing homework and potentially some after-school activities as our parents cooked our meals for dinner.

Middle school and then High school. The days we truly enjoyed all our time being frivolous and carefree. Young and full of curiosity. The days.

I remember when we talked about growing up and having kids or what type of guy we would marry. Tall, dark and handsome of course. Oh and with the light eyes. Ha! How funny I can actually remember that. The common description of a dreamy guy. Haha!

The daydreaming in youth years were so much more believable.

We soon became adults or thought being 18 meant we were.

Tho we loved each other dearly we knew were growing apart. You went your way and I was going my way. It was really hard knowing the truth that we were growing apart with our interests.

My very best friend was slowly dwindling away from me. Even tho the odds of friends from start to end in life is, rare. But I felt something special with our friendship.

Lifestyle, guys and the type of fun we both wanted to have was slightly different.

As time went on, we would exchange words here and there over the years. You would check in or I would. Our friendship was like this bond that no matter what could not be broken. I just did not know that then. So the sadness always was there while we were distant.

I always worried about you. Wondering what you were doing or where you were. Hoping you were happy and healthy.

Years went on and you had children. Later in life, I had one of my own.

After more than 20 years knowing your heart, I am so grateful you are still present in my life. Even after all the distant years.

Distance or not, we are sisters. You are my very best friend and no matter the miles. Your heart is always thought of here back at home.

I love you my forever friend. I just want you to know your special and I’m thankful for our purposeful friendship.


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