Three different Addresses in under 16 months

I know what your thinking. What in the hell is this girl talking about?!

Yes, you read it right. We have had three different addresses in less than 2 years. Technically it will be Gracie’s (our daughters) fourth residence. When we had her, we lived in an apartment before we ended up with another 3 more addresses in under 16 months.

Here is the story of the first of the three.

We were moving from the apartment into this new duplex we really thought was going to be a huge upgrade for us. Nice big fenced in backyard with beautiful green grass that was managed by a hired company. We were in a bigger space, with an upstairs and downstairs. We really thought this could be the place we stay for the next couple years before we decide to buy a house.

Well after the move into the new duplex we discovered cigarette butts under the carpet, stuffed behind heater vents and a complete issue with mold and insulation. We were bummed non the less. We knew it was an older place and we were okay with that. Being lower rent and allowing us to start saving even more to purchase a home. We thought we were setting ourselves up for success. When in reality we set ourselves backwards quiet a bit.

Water started to leak onto the floors from the walls once winter came and the snow hit. They said it was ice jams. So we went with it, hoping their solution would fix the problem.

Gracie became very ill that winter in 2017 with Influenza A and croup followed along. It was a very scary time for us as she was just a little over a year and her immune system was not as strong as we all know with children. Influenza A had already killed over 50 children that year. We were scared. Long story short she rolled over into the water on the floor and we lost it. We were done. We needed to move and get out of that situation. We were only 10 months into our 12 month lease which lead us to issues inevitability.

Thank god things worked out in our favor. After 10 months during the month of January in the Northwest we moved into a new place. A bigger location as well and it was a townhouse built in 2012 vs a duplex that was built in 1978. So we felt like this again was a great move.

Here is the story to the second move out of the three.

Nice and new. Modern and white. The place was not cleaned before we moved in. The situation we believe to be strange but not our business. Because we didn’t want to pass up this opportunity or this location we moved quick and cleaned it ourselves. Scrubbing walls, carpets, rooms, toilets you name it we did it. Got moved it and we really were enjoying! The backyard was MUCH smaller and the shared space was tight with the neighbors. Even with fences.

Come warm season, about 4 months into living at that location we discovered a whole new issue. Something we would have never ever thought of being a problem. Marmots. We came to find out our backyard was a habitat! Tunnels and all. They came out from hibernation and started hanging around way to much for our comfort. Using our porch for their bathroom and sharing a space with rodents should not be a issue while paying high rent. Especially finding out we pay the highest rent out of all 4 townhouses. Sit on that. These rodents also carry lime disease and rabies. Amongst whatever else they carry around. Apart of the squirrel family and they get big as a cat! I am also really not mentioning all the little things we discovered by living here also. Which are all negative things. Sadly.

Non the less we did what we could.

Traps and just basically trying to live with the problem. Well, we decided we don’t want to. We should be able to go outside with our daughter and not worry whether or not those rodents will be problem. Plus, I really don’t need to be seen running around chasing a rodent trying to protect my child. Ha!

So, here we are 6 months into our lease of 6 months and already have our 20 day notice in. New lease signed at the new place and we move in 12 days from today. Which will be our third address of the three.

Now, I can’t tell you how this is going to work out in this next journey. But, what I can say is this. The owner lives next door, which we really like. He loves his things clean and up-kept. Which we also like. I know the neighbors 2 houses away, there is a nice entrance into the community and every single person around us is incredibly kind and owns their homes! It’s fantastic. It’s a safe neighborhood community we can take walks and enjoy neighborhood events. The cost is lower than where we are now which is just a bonus for us being able to save for our home purchase.

The yard is huge and maintained by the owner which is fantastic! The garage is massive, we have two living spaces, my office is perfect and we still score with two bathrooms. Oh, I can’t forget the fact that the kitchen is amazing! Two times the size then the one we have now. Built-in 1978 which leaves us to have to be smart about lead and asbestos. But, lots of people live in houses that are older and they are just fine!

Tip: If you live in a home built before 1979 I’m going to assume you already know about handling everything. However I wanted too add during warm seasons be sure to wash all plastic toys for your littles regularly. Here is a link about it if you’d like information!

Say a little something nice for us that this is the last move we have until we buy a home.

I hope nobody ever has to be in any situations like we did. Creating us to move around as much as we ended up doing. Besides those that sign up for the moving around, I just am going to take lessons from each move and try to take what I can using it in productive means.

Perhaps I’ll write about tips during multiple moves?

First tip for moving: Never Judge ANY type of book by its cover. 😉

Thanks for reading!


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