Soul searching or Passion seeking?

These two questions I seriously ask not only myself, but many other people. I find it incredibly interesting to hear others perspectives or journeys. Maybe because I’m a fan of storytelling or simply because I am genuinely interested in other people.

Do you like learning about others? Even if you never see them again. I know I do. The tricky part is getting people to open up and actually share themselves with you. Trust you in a sense.

I get being off-put by such a deep and almost personal question. But, can you argue that the two topics are so compelling and super great conversation pieces?! I truly believe you can tell a lot about a person by their depth.

But I am no professional career lady that can even make those judgment calls. It’s more of a personal paradigm.

Now, I don’t want you to think that I have my soul searching done and definitely not sure I even found my true passion yet. I know that I have a list of things I now know I can not live without. You could say I am fairly passionate about those things all on different levels. But, there is absolutely a large sense of passion in each thing or person.

Soul searching… well, this is something I feel like is all personal outlook. If someone were to ask me if I was still on my journey of soul searching. I would simply say, “Yes.”

Even tho I have a full heart with all the love I have inside for my family. I truly believe soul searching never ends. You should always be filling yourself with the new and fresh things in the world. Fill your soul with all the things around you, learn daily, personally grow all the chances you get and smile during the moments you embrace things to be apart of you.

Does that make sense? Is that too deep? Ha.

I know sometimes people can share their thoughts with me that I am thinking way to deep for my own good. Or, I will be told that my wisdom has exceeded my years. I like that one. I embrace both. Because I know that having an open mind to everything in a literal stance. I believe helps curate your deeper feelings and thoughts. Just my take.

Even tho I mentioned I wasn’t sure if I found my passion with the list of things I can not live without. I still am set believing that unless you have all the time and money to really go out and experience all the things offered. How can we be sure what we truly are passionate about? We can only have a true passion for tangibles. Right? I really would love to hear other people’s perspectives. I am one that obviously has a super open mind and I love other outlooks. It really allows me to see thru others eyes. Which I feel like should be practiced more often in our world.

So, are you soul searching? Do you think it ends? If so, where does the searching end?

Are you sure you found your passion? Are you still looking? Either way, you’ll find something you can’t live without and we tend to be okay with that. Mostly because it’s all we know. That’s okay too. ❤️


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