The “Moments” with our Kids

Some days I sit and ponder when I have the quiet time. About how fast time just seriously goes by.

I mean, I know we all say that casually. Even tho I know we mean it.

It is a trip just how real and serious that statement is?

I remember being 16, dating my first serious boyfriend and being utterly in love for the first time. I remember being 18 and feeling that overwhelming doubt of being an adult and doing things right. (Which rarely we do) I remember my 21st birthday and those random road trips. Pulling all-nighters and adventuring all sorts of life with my closest friends.

I remember it like it was all happening yesterday. I think of that being pretty special and I am grateful I can remember what I can. Some people go their whole lives either forgetting or just flat out not appreciating life. Allowing it to just, be. I pray for them.

Please don’t misunderstand me or think I’m judging, because I am far from that. What I do pray for, is that they find a a sense of what I see in the one thing a lot of people take for granted.


We become stuck in a rut of the daily routines, tasks, and responsibilities in our day to day life. I mean don’t get me wrong, it is completely normal and valid. We are only human.

I mean it’s really hard already juggling all that life has and all the things we fill it up with. We now need to be conscious of time?!?

Simple answer and that is, No.

You really don’t HAVE to. You’re not obligated to give a hoot about it if you don’t want to. I just find there is so much fruitfulness in the appreciation of it.


See, as a mom, I say it over and over again. “My Gracie (——-) is getting SO big, SO FAST! Time is just flying by!”

Sound familiar? (Except you can fill in the blank)

I never put into perspective the difference or that there even was one with, time in general vs time in moments.

Let me explain.

Time in general, is just simply the day going by while you do your everyday tasks and things you do on a day today.

Moments in time are those VERY short, eye blinking seconds. The ones you REALLY don’t want to miss. Not that we are dodging the moments. But, are we embracing them? Are you paying attention? Truly? The little things.

How about the butterfly that flew past your path and made you smile. Perhaps the walk you took and your little one stopped to take a moment to smell the flowers. Are you taking mental snapshots?

I only ask, because I know from experience it’s really easy to get caught up in the “General Time” instead of appreciating the “Moments in time.”

We are human like I mentioned and I believe we should forgive ourselves more often. Move forward with growth and recognition of where we want to be in all aspects of personal awareness. So be easy on yourself.

I felt compelled to share these thoughts with really anyone that reads this. ❤️

Because, I find passion in myself for the value of what time can offer. Especially during this short time frame we have here on this earth. Able too embrace and hopefully experience all it offers.

You can take in what I said or toss it out. I actually will understand both turnouts.

The beauty of diversity✌🏻


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