When you begin to discover…

Being a woman in the 21st century is so much work. Am I right?

Okay, let’s just jump right into a lovely story I want to share that will help elaborate my first mentioning above.

It was actually back when I was pregnant and you know the awesome advice EVERY single person has for you. I mean don’t get me wrong I appreciate some of the information. But 90% of the time, I could have gone without knowing the shared stories.

I know we live in an era where literally every single person MUST be heard. Whether it’s true or not I swear people really will try and convince you of absolute nonsense. Ha!

I had someone tell me because my bone structure was small that my actual asshole would tear during birth. Like what in the fuck information are you giving to people if this is the type of stuff your sharing with me?! For heaven sakes. I mean, it didn’t happen to me thank god! But, I mean she seemed sure of it.

I was scared for my asshole for literally 5 months straight after that. Until I delivered and was told my asshole was still intact. ( Serious laughing happening )

Okay, so my point to that story is the nonsense people fed me. Whereas back in the 70-80’s and even before that. Moms are like, “Just get used to wearing a panty liner for the rest of your life.”

But guys, they said it with a nonchalant attitude that should not be expressed with that type of situation. Ha!

Why is heavens did we change the way we did things?!

I mean, they made sure we were fed and sometimes clean. Oh, and of course whooped our asses out of bed for school because, you know they didn’t mess around with the whole stay at home mom thing. There wasn’t pressure to be THE influence on your kids.

We are now left to trust no one, question everything and taste before we even give.

I started a blog for me to speak my voice, write my thoughts and be ME.

Not that I am perfect at that yet. Or, have it all figured out with what to share and what not too.

Mostly due to the opinions of family and not wanting it to damper my image.

Isn’t that sad? It brings me back to the difference of moms today and moms back then. Moms in the 21st century vs moms back in the baby boomers days.

Judgment was still existing. However, trust was a lot easier to come by. Questioning things happened less often and back then children were even able to play in the backyard without the voices of everyone around them telling them to “be careful.”

I know my posts can sometimes be all over the place. But in the end isn’t our writing reflection who we are and how we feel.

I am defiantly going to be the first to admit I am always all over the place.

I hope you stick around to keep reading my thoughts and feelings when I’m brave enough to do so.

Anyways, these were just some feelings and thoughts I was having. Comment below with any feedback or feels you share!


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