A Morning Mom Routine vs A Night Owl Mama

We all know we have one of those Moms in our lives. Also, we are obviously one or the other. I do have to say my list of Owl Mama’s is short and my list of Morning moms is short too! HaHa!

I only say that because we are all so tired we just want to sleep. So having any type of routine creates work and we are tired gosh darn it. Ha Ha.


♥Morning Mom♥



I Love Mornings

I am totally the Morning Mom. I am sure if you are the Owl Mama, you are probably snarling right now. I know the daylight is awful and the brisk air is torturous. HaHa! Can you hear my soft sarcasm? I mean I can only be one thing and that is my sassy self. I must throw that in here every so often, yeah?

I love the 5 am wake up, the warm and fresh coffee that hits your lips, standing outside on the deck with my robe, my hot coffee and brisk air mixed with the Sunrise. Yes, that is literally a perfect wake up for me. A nice yoga session playing some calming reggae that I love so much or even sounds of nature. Seriously is my dream wake up every single day. I could do that and then slowly take my time getting ready afterward and eating a beautiful homemade breakfast with nothing but fresh food and things from scratch. I mean are you vibing what I am saying my fellow Morning Mom’s??

I have never been an Owl Mama outside of when Gracie was a Newborn and the wake ups were much more frequent. I would have my regular 3 am social media scroll time and feed Gracie 2-3 times thru the night.

Once she got a bit older and slept longer amount of hours straight, I went right back to an early rest time because I knew what was coming at 5-6 am. We as parents need to be cautious of that. I know I am super guilty of staying up late, knowing I am an early riser just trying to fit in some extra spouse time. When 6 am rolls around I come to remember the reason why I am a Morning Mom beside the things I love so much about the AM.

For all you Morning Moms I just have to say I get it! I get that you want to enjoy all the things you love about those SUPER early mornings and how much you can fit in some personal time that is QUIET.

I also know that you Morning Moms are tired from normal late nights or teething babies. Perhaps your exhausted from just your normal routine and getting up early anymore is just not as an enjoyable personal time.

You get up with the kids and make breakfast and coffee, pick up the house from what didn’t get picked up last night due to being so exhausted. Loading some last minute dishes or maybe starting some laundry while you sip on coffee. I mean we all have different routines and we also don’t ALL experience having craziness. Some Morning Moms have some legit routines that stay firm and keep energy! I don’t know how they do it. They very well could be an alien or robot… Ha

Being a Morning Mom and missing MY routine. The one that I could wake up, roll over and do nothing or wake up and go make just a coffee and sit in total silence wrapped in my soft fuzzy blanket and my adorable fuzzy socks. The ones you can slip and slide with on the wood floors. Because, its fun, duh. Oh, and I am also a big kid. Take your judgment elsewhere. Ha

However, I also am so grateful I got to trade My personal routine into a routine that includes a little midget me. The routine that involves dance parties, and yells singing at 7 am, the shower I am given on the OUTSIDE of the bath and of course all the kisses I get as soon as I open my eyes.

I am so thankful I could trade a regular old routine for a Supercharged one full of love and laughter. Even the chaos is embraced.

Stay strong Morning Mom, these times don’t last forever. Hold them tight, embrace those kisses, take on the water whale in the mornings and laugh thru it all. Before you know it, they will need you less and less. Our little humans rely on us and what we provide for them. So continue smothering those squishy, soft little faces with your early AM kisses.



Night Owl Mama♥


For those of you Mamas that either work hours that make you be awake all wee hours of the night or you are a Vampire. HaHa

I really don’t know if you can convince me otherwise that you have actually lost your mind with WANTING to be that Night owl, Mama. I mean I get it if you have work to do, or perhaps want to fit in some time with the hubby or some social event. Those are all normal and things any Morning mom would do to.

However, I know that some of you Night Owl Mamas out there are scrubbing your bathtubs, mopping your floors, folding laundry, going thru cabinets to organize and even some moms are doing things like midnight scrapbooking. I know we need to fit things in and get them done, but how are you not totally wiped?!

I am also questioning the fact that these Night Owl mamas might potentially be like some sort of covert Superheroes with powers we are lacking as Morning Moms. HaHa. Okay, that is a bit dramatic but you’re getting my point. I mean can we really be sure what you Owl Mamas are doing at 1-2 am, cleaning like you just slammed 5 red bulls. HaHa

I was once an Owl… Before I had a kid.

I know there are also those Owl Mamas that like to actually go out on a regular in the night time. After 9 pm! I mean, I need to be celebrating a master degree, a new baby, or a big milestone birthday to have me out after 9 pm anymore. I am normally seeing double by that time. Again tho, I rise at an early ass hour and my daughter is totally gripping onto my energy with that. Good and Bad. HaHa

I am thoroughly am impressed with how the Night owl mams even manage getting out and getting back up the next morning with anything other than a headache and smeared makeup. No joke, round of applause for your insane endurance. HaHa

If you try to drag me out at 9 pm your best bet is bribing me with money or if you wanting to be cheap, I’ll settle for chocolate and some fresh fruit. HaHa


I am going to continue applauding all you Owl mams for the abilities you have, even tho they sorta freak me out. HaHa. I still Love you tho.

For all, you Fellow Morning Mama’s, enjoy that Sunrise.




Thanks for reading, I hope I was able to share a laugh or two with you.


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