Wine or Whiskey

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There are a lot of types of people in the world. Those people all go through many stages in life. Here are a few of mine…

See I have had all sorts of stages in my life at my young age of 32. From the rebellious teenager to the know it all 20 years old. Then I moved into being able to legally enter a place of the party. If your unsure what I am referring to, its “The Bar”. Yeah, those many stages we go through in life as soon as we hit that lucky number 21.

First I was the girl that was introducing herself to the bar. So I would have some beer and mixed shots. That was the stage one. Pretty mild and subtle. There were nights I would have more mixed shots than beer. Those nights led to… I’m not so sure. But, I woke up alive and in my warm bed. Most mornings anyways. Tip: Steer clear of any and all sugar in the bar. Sugar leads to the massive hangover in the morning. You’re Welcome.

Stage two, I’ve moved on from beer. I have now accompanied my mixed shots, with mixed drinks. Now, for those of you who attend a bar regularly or have been. I’m sure you have heard of a promising beverage called a “Trash-Can.” Yes, you know what I am referring to. If you don’t and you go out one night. Maybe your feeling a tad extra… Go ahead and order yourself ONE trashcan. Tip: Just One. This stage was already leading to some incredibly inappropriate nights and many things I would like to not admit too. However, I will share this one story while I was flirting with this stage in my life. I was 22 and it was closing time at the local bar I attended frequently. I knew everyone, including the workers. ( One of those bartenders is now my husband ) I decided to be helpful and do dishes behind the bar after the bar was closed. I also was HIGHLY intoxicated and I will admit, I like being naked. Ha Ha. I know its really weird, but I have been this way my whole life. So a little liquid courage had me expressing that. Except it really wasn’t the best of places or times to do so. (Sigh) I proceeded to take off my pants and shirt to go and do some pole dancing… (So embarrassing) I still have no explanation for this action. But I ended up doing dishes behind a bar, half naked. Not to mention I ended up working here and marrying the bartender. Who I have been with for 10 years. So if your looking for this sorta courage. Next time order a Trashcan.

Stage Three, trying to wind down. (Giggle) At this point in my stage, I am realizing I need to possibly cut back. So what is a young gal to do when she is trying to make such a choice? Well, she ditches the mixed drinks and moved to Wine and Whiskey. I have absolutely no idea why this remedy felt like progression for me. But it was far from it. In fact, this mix was by far the most damaging for me. Wine is GOOD. Whiskey is even better. But when I put the two together, I was a walking party. Which was something I truly loved. The party was my favorite place to be. Where things were happening and chaos was absorbed so graciously. Weird right? But it was an environment I felt comfortable at the time in my life. Tip: If you are wanting to ACTUALLY grow up, you cant live in this stage…

Now I can keep taking you through my stages. But long story short I basically do not drink now. Pretty sure I haven’t had a glass of wine in 6 months. Not that I look down on anyone that does. I just think I was too hardcore when I did drink. Also being a bartender for 6 of those years had a big playing part in my problem. That now, I just don’t want it. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure there are gonna be tougher days than I even know. Which might lead me to a nice glass of Wine. However, I steer clear of the whiskey. If you know me, you know that its best I keep my hands off that Crown royal. Lord knows I am too much party, even for myself to handle nowadays. Tip:Whiskey is good and so is wine. But I promise your head will hate you in the morning if you share the two together. My body can hardly handle the cardio I give it…

Of course, always Drink and drive responsibly. (Uber may be in a city near you)

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