I can’t believe it!

Almost four months is what is took to be taken more seriously.

If you aren’t up to date with what’s going on, let me share it in a nut shell.

I chose to practice a vegan/plant based diet in February of 2020 and just as of 3 days ago, my family has joined me. Now dont think I was capable of getting them to go cold turkey, but I would say 85% of their diet has switched to vegan/plant based.

Breakfast, lunch and dinners have all been cooked and prepared by me. I’ve worked very hard to try and accommodate their favorite meals and transform them with vegan/plant nutrition.

We started on night one with Spaghetti, night two was crispy teriyaki tofu bites and tonight being night three was Friday taco night.

Here are a few shot I got before devouring the meals. I promise to get better at sharing shots of finished product, as well as the process of cooking the meal. I plan to share the process and recipes with you all.

Night #1: Home made spaghetti sauce. I had no tomato paste, so I made a bean paste. It worked, but that is why the color is tad orange. I also made the artisan bread from scratch. The topping is a cashew parm.

Night #2: The process to this tofu wasn’t so bad. Baked and then stir fried. Turned out fantastic!

Tonight being night 3 and I failed to get another final product photo. I do have left overs though and I will be making some.

Thanks for reading and I’m looking forward to continuing to share. The recipes are coming and that is even more exciting!

Should I share more?

February 8th 2020 is when I made the cut. The cutting of meat out of my diet that is.

You see I have personally ALWAYS struggled with gut issues. Ever since my first visit to the Gastro specialist at 15 years old. 2 scopes later and came to the conclusion I had severe acid reflux or GERD.

I mean, eating refried beans would cripple me and put me to the ground in a ball if I ate it. Now, do my stomach issues have anything to do with the fact that my diet as a child consisted of probably what most of your diets consisted of. Such as meats, cheeses, processed snacks, deli meats and even things like the beloved ice cream.

Quiet possibly it could of been being 3 months old and the doctor telling my mom to feed me rice cereal at such a young age. All in order to help fill my stomach to sleep better. There are studies about eating rice cereal as a baby linking to gastro issues as you age. Don’t believe me, just do your own homework. For me, the real beauty to technology nowadays is the simplicity to learning and self educating.

Now I know my blog has revolved around lifestyle as a mom or writing fun tips and how to’s from my personal experiences, but that was then and this is now. Things change, interests shift and education can alter the way we think dramatically. Which is exactly why I am here writing about this now.

From here on out I still plan to share SOME of the same type of posts, but I plan to begin sharing with you what I learn and how I am changing my life as well as my families.

My husband is a big meat eater and as most people in the world I have fed my daughter the average American diet with a small smidgen of the diet I prefer. However after 3.5 strong months of sticking to becoming vegan, my husband is now seeing how serious I am. So much that he is now being open to trying to shift his own health and diet as well! You guys my heart is exploding with happiness just knowing that I have a team mate in this now. Knowing we will, TOGETHER be learning how to live better, healthier, happier and teach our daughter the same. I’m simply thrilled.

I was inspired today to share some of my meals over this last almost 4 months, because tonight is the FIRST night that I’ll be cooking a Vegan meal for all 3 of us and not just myself!

I will not be attaching the recipes, but soon I plan to share it all. For now just some photos and short explanations of what I’m sharing. Thank you for reading, thank you for being here and I look forward to sharing food conversation with you.

First Vegan Meal made. I had no idea what I was doing, but I made it happen and it turned out splendid!

Bean burger inspired and all
Homemade without book recipe!

I’ve cut white rice from my diet as of currently. My body does not digest it well and I prefer brown rice or quinoa.

Eggplant parm- homemade sauce with my favorite nutritional yeast sprinkled over vegan noodles.

Seaweed noodles. Let me just say they did not disappoint! SO GOOD! I found them at Fred Meyer!

Power salad!

While I was still eating white rice, this was one of the other meals I had made. It has the meatless crumble, which I prefer only eating soy 1-2 times a well max.

South Western taco Salad inspired and from scratch. I have a little secret on how I marinate those peas… 😉

It doesn’t look so pretty, but the taste is ON POINT!

I’m basically obsessed with Vegan ranch since I haven’t eaten dairy in FOREVER. Due to dairy allergies.

Also made my first homemade vegan artisan bread.

Thanks for scrolling ☺️

Sanity savior with Instacart and Being a stay at home Mom

Tisk’ task the list that will forever last.

As a full-time stay-at-home mom, personally I can feel like the to-do list is always in my face and never caught up. After talking to a large variety of different types of moms they all had one similar thing to say and it was, “There is never enough time in the day for all the things.”

Now the cool thing is that, as time progresses so does growth with options and things available.

When I first started using Instacart and learning about the flexibility it allowed me to have I was hooked. Who can argue the fact that I can now vacuum and grocery shop at the same time?

What about the idea of being able to play with your kiddo and get your grocery list together all at once.

I know all to well how toddlers are a lot of energy and it’s tough to keep up with them on top of daily tasks as a mother, wife and some ladies even run side hustles for income.

We haven’t even gotten to the fact that moms need time for themselves, but even then we are tending to other tasks. Christmas shopping for gifts, birthday picking, decoration ideas, the next event for a family gathering and I am sure there is much more.

Well now you can tend to a nice warm bath and some quiet time for you all while grocery shopping and having it delivered FOR FREE after you are all done. You don’t have to pick up the food, hassle with parking, dig through shelves or leave that nice warm bath.

Here are my top three favorite reasons why Instacart benefits me as a Stay-at-home Mom.


This is a saint solution and has saved me MULTIPLE tantrums in a grocery store. One thing in particular I love is how you can have your list made up first thing in the morning to be delivered later that afternoon. I had decided to make spaghetti for dinner that night and before my order was delivered I was able to still add my sauce to the order. If I would had gone to the store and shopped, I would of had to go back. Saved me time right there!Also what toddler wants to just look at food for an hour? Not mine kid! She is cool for about 20 minutes tops!

2. Buyer/Shopper chat option.

While your shopper is working on your list and gathering items, you can discuss with them any of your specifics or if you’d like them to change something. Then just be sure to tip them for their awesome customer service. Feedback for any company is so important.

3. Free Shipping over $35!

You guys who orders a load of groceries and doesn’t end up spending at least $30-40!? The average monthly food cost is roughly $400 and that is basic foods such as top ramen etc. Keep in mind that this average cost is evaluated in a bigger cities than where I reside, but still is a average overall.

Personally my family used to spend roughly $600 a month on food, which easily could increase to $700 with EXTRA impulse buys and small visits to the grocery store. Since using Instacart and being able to stick to a list and be intentional with purchases it has allowed me to not grab and go while wondering the isles. We are now spending around $400 a month for food. Which means we are roughly saving $200 a month! This opens doors to a treat of eating out as a family and still being able to add cash to savings. My family is so much more capable of budgeting and knowing the price at the end of shopping. Instacart makes it completely user friendly to know what you are spending and saving. It’s all right there on your app! So for FREE DELIVERY and a small tip to shop for things you need anyways, save money, have items delivered to your doorstep and still get some friendly engagement. Well that sounds like a super good deal and it’s exactly why I chose Instacart for my grocery needs.

If you are interested in learning more about Instacart you can click here and also earn some cash.

It’s free to sign up and if this isn’t for you, maybe consider thinking about date nights!

Being able to have fresh food delivered to your doorstep for a night in together is a great idea!

Thanks for reading!

Life with Waves

Imagining it flow back and fourth.

Imagining it crash or gently fall.

Imagining life compared to the water.

Imagine if we could just have it all.

A Big Bang or the Quiet collide.

Life can definitely give either.

So take the wheel and adjust your sail so you can guide yourself through the water.

As I go back and reminisce on when my daughter, Gracie was just about to turn one years old.

This photo came across the memories and it was her one year photo shoot I did at Diamond Lake WA.

Now, when I took this photo I merely was thinking how adorable and chunky she looked. When I look at it now I still see that but, I also simply see a little human gazing into the water.

Her thoughts? I have no idea.

Could she be thinking of simply swimming?

Could she be watching the waves as they slowly come to the shore and fall quietly?

Possibly she is thinking deeper than we will ever know or understand when they are this young.

Either way, this photo has become so much more beautiful to me than it even was before.

I now see something in this photo that allowed me to see some clarity almost 2 years later.

This photo inspired me to write what I wrote.

Have you ever pictured your feelings like a pulse? (Like waves) The up and down, up and down.

That, for some reason clicks with me in a way to write what I did.

It’s up to us when we want to smooth things out in life, (water) create peace in our environments and we allow what we want. It’s our choice.

We can not change the size of the waves or how the water falls. But, we can learn to ride and we can learn to get back up. Becoming stronger swimmers.

God gave us everything we need to succeed in this life with what we want.

Don’t let a hard crash keep you from all the gentle but, life-changing falls you will get to experience and don’t be afraid of the hard crashes. They will shape us all in the end because, most hard lessons do.

Embrace your journey and LIVE your life the way YOU intend to WANT to live.

Thank you.

Do you ever ask yourself this?

Lately I’ve been questioning.

Purpose. Life and people.

How long before we find our purpose?

How long until people, stop, hating?

When will life become less cruel?

I ask myself this.

Why do we argue over things out of our control?

Why can’t we come to a center to be more whole?

These are things I ask myself.

It’s okay to feel the way you want.

It’s okay to voice your thoughts.

It’s okay if you want that and not this.

But don’t you try to tell me to shift.

I am who I am as you are who you are.

Can’t we be different?

These are things I ask myself.

Just be humble. Just be kind. Just be giving and leave no one behind.

This is what I’m told.

I live up to standard and I am a good person.

We should always remember to never lessen, any person or anything.

Lift one another because, this is how we can win.

Being right or being wrong is no longer priority.

Fact and truth are what should lead society.

These are things I tell myself.

For now I will only reflect,

The things I want most.

Fairness. Respect and truth at its best.

Stop the hatred and stop the diversity.

Create more love and open ability.

To see other sides and be open minded.

To learn to love others and not just be one sided.

These are things I speak to you.

Spread love. Spread kindness. But be fair and be true.

Thank you

“Little humans are always watching what adults are doing. Not saying.”

I simply was inspired to write this by watching people sway from one another due to different paradigms.

It’s sad. It’s unfortunate. But, it is reality and it’s truth.

Christian, Muslim, Jewish or any other religion out there has created diversity due to lack of respect for another’s beliefs. You have every right to your own beliefs and spiritual practices.

Black, White, Asian, Hispanic and all other races have created diversity by titling ourselves as if we have color coded boxes to live inside.

It’s gross.

What happen to human decency? What happen to love thy neighbor?

I just keep asking myself so many things and wonder why or why nots.

Anyways this poem is how I feel. I always write my poems quickly and deliver them without much thought.

I want to be sure I deliver pure and true feelings. Raw emotion.

I encourage you to compliment someone today and be sure to hug and spread love. It truly is contagious.

Thank you for reading

Why Sunshine over Shadows?


Searching and longing to feel whole.

Finding the joy inside your Soul.

Life’s journey is beautiful and filled with magic.

It’s your job to jump out and grab it.

Being afraid is completely okay.

Just don’t let it keep you from growing day to day.

Your reason should never be your excuse.

But, more of an entrance to discover the real you.

So don’t give up and don’t give in.

Be stronger than the monster within.

”Dig deeper than the shadows burrow”

This poem was inspired by a simple picture as the one you see.

This morning, doing my normal scrolling through social media. I came across this post and it was from a plant farm here locally in Spokane.

I am a huge succulent fan so it grabbed my attention quickly. Seems as if succulents are the only plants outside of a cactus I can keep alive.

In the beginning of my journey to learning about succulents and growing them from babies to medium plants. I lost LOTS of leafs and my toddler like to share them with the pet cat.

So that would sometimes leave me with some naked looking succulents. Of course, I would naturally just throw away the broken pieces. Not even thinking to give the leaf a opportunity to regrow.

Just like any plant! Take the clipping and put it in water. Duh!

But, a little different with succulent. You can literally just leave that little guy out and it will regrow itself! I believe a tad bit of water on the leaf here and there with proper sunlight.

How incredible is this! I mean the thought to me that I was so quick to just give up and throw away an opportunity of regrowth.

I almost felt bad for all leafs I killed. Ha ha.

So, next time you feel like giving up quickly. Rethink what opportunity lies in the problem. I assure you there is most likely more life or option left in what you are given.

Sending positive vibes your way and wish you the best of your weekend.


If it makes you feel better, I flipped off my coffee after it spilt on me this morning. #reallife 💋

Thanks for reading!

When defeat grabs your light


Although defeat stood taller today,

The fight in me goes on.

I know what I am worth and I know that I am strong.

Anxiety can make things scary.

But one thing I know for sure, is that my will to win.

That is one thing that keeps me from giving in.

The dreams I see and the vision I have, is bigger than me.

Anxiety will never be allowed to defeat who I am.

Because, God created me for greatness and its my job to prove I can.

“Be brave in the face of fear” This is something I almost feel like I want tattooed on my body.

This little poem was inspired by my anxiety winning and keeping me from something I had been so excited for.

Almost four weeks ago, I purchased a Rachel Hollis “Made for more” move ticket. I have been raving about this for weeks and ridiculously excited to get pumped up and inspired with wisdom and nuggets of goodness.

If you do not know, one of the triggers I have is, walking in the dark alone. Going to a movie entailed me to have to potentially walk a good distance before I get inside. Which was also a parking garage and a location I rarely go.

Now, I know you are probably wondering why I sit and talk about conquering anxiety and being encouraging about it all.

But, I also know that being real is a characteristic I have shared about myself.

Well, this is some of that honesty. You cant always win. We just aren’t built for that.

Failure is apart of success. That is fact.

Which is why I chalked this up as a lesson and I told myself that, “this is apart of my learning curve.”

Acceptance is so vital when we fail or we end up just beating ourselves up. That shit just does not feel good.

So, my point was that I did not attend the show and I am sad about it. I am sitting with the sadness and accepting it so I can move on.

I know that I was doing what was best for my health and just overall, myself. Which needs to be practiced more. I think we all should practice self-awareness and self-love more often.

Anxiety got me last night and for some reason I feel okay with a little regret but also, happy with the gut choice I made.

Yeah, it just felt right.

Sometimes we just have to follow our gut even if it goes against everything we are wanting to do.

If anxiety or your defeat has got you down, remember that its okay to have bad days. Its okay to get defeated by the shit. Accept it and move on. Do not stay in your defeat. Which is why acceptance, I feel like goes hand in hand with defeat.

We will always face defeat and that is not in our control. But what we can do is, focus on accepting what is and learning what we can from it. This is where the journey to success comes and flows.

Thanks for reading ❤

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